US seed bank with autos??

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  1. Titles says it all!!?? Anyone know of a good one?

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  2. I had difficulty finding a US seed bank at all. Nirvana seeds shipped to the US and was here within 9 days.
  3. Seed Vault Of California
    Great Lakes Genetics
    Greenline Organics
    James Bean CO
    Oregon Green Seeds
    Connoisseur Seed Bank
    Neptune Seed Bank
    Southern Oregon Seeds
    Oregon Elite Seeds
    Illuminati Seeds
    Heady Gardens
    Seeds R Us
    Motor City Seeds
    Seeds Here Now
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  4. I like your avatar I'm a Rick and Morty fan myself.
  5. Lol ooh wee! can't wait for season 3
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  6. You've spammed 7 threads with the same post..
  7. Hello, all! Decided to join up. On IC and one other member only forum. RIU, the vibe was strange. Hoping to find GCF a great place to gab, inform, etc. Any comments, questions, feel free to ask!!

    Since original post was made, new seed banks in the good ol' USA have popped up....hooray!! Recall living in SO CO and 'tude's shipments (2 of them) were seized. Glad there's an outlet for American seed banks!
  8. TWO FOLD BLISS! We’ve teamed up with BOREAL SEEDS to provide TWO OPPORTUNITIES to try/ buy quality autoflower/super autoflower cannabis seeds (and select photoperiods, CBD hemp hybrids) for early 2020! 20% OFF on BOREAL SEEDS or afterthought autos gear below APRIL 12-18, 2020

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