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  1. This certainly doesn't seem like the right venue to talk about golf, but it is soooo much more than people think and I hope some members here will agree, and join in on the convo....

    First off.... fuck Tiger. Yea he is great. Well, god-like. So was Nicholas and Palmer and my person fav (my dad modeled his halfway back-swing after him) Lee Travino. That being said, they should NOT get that much attention.... unless he is murdering the field or winning on 1 leg. It is not fair to the other 160+ tour card holders.

    Perhaps in a popular tour event like the Memorial, but not in our (sorry outlanders) country's Championship. I feel it is a showcase for up-comers and tour players who are basically just as good as Tiger, and can (and have) beat him. There are guys who play ooodles (yea I use the word oodles) of rounds at shit public courses, beat the field, rise up the ladder in regionals, and then qualify for the fucking US Open! And they don't get press coverage? I would be pissed.

    Sure the best the field could do last year was Rocco in 90 holes against Tiger with a broken leg and torn-up knee..... I thought the story was Rocco! A dumpy old dude hangin around killin greens? Awesome.

    Perhaps it is because I play, and know how unbelievably, ridiculously (grab thesaurus) hard it is to play the game.

    Has anyone seen how easy some of these guys swing? In particular Geoff Oglivy and Ernie Els. Its like magic.

    And how about that kid Weaver? Drew, right? He is one of a few to win both the NCAA Championship AND the US Amatuer in the same year. Who are the others you ask?? Lefty, Tiger and Jack. Thats hardcore. And to top that off, he was like 100 yards away from the massacre at Va Tech a couple years back..... motivation maybe?

    Having said all that, I am routing for (and have been since I learned that the game I suck at learning was on TV like 12+ years ago) ) David Duval. He's been my favorite player forever and he's finally making a comeback. He was three in the red, blew a few holes and dropped to 1 over, then made it back to -3! Mean while.... Tiger is E after 3 rounds.

    I do certainly feel for those who waited several hours, and had to play in shit conditions while the first groups of non-names played in steller conditions. But hey.... your a fucking professional golfer. Your playing the fucking US Open for fuck sake. Deal with it. I would be stoked to go shoot 100 in the first two rounds in 3" hail.

    Just wondering.... as if anyone even read down this far.... what are the memebrs handicaps? Don't lie, because everyone sucks.

    Me, when I played in HS I could consistantly score in the low 90s, broke 90 a few times. Best round ever was a 84 at a par 72 here in CT..... and that is including my 2nd shot on the 8th that I ho9led for an eagle! (Orange Hills CC in Orange Connecticut).

    Now, seeing as how broke I am and how much of a rich white man's sport golf is (I'm white too), I don't get out enough to keep up the skills..... I'd give myself a shot a hole. (18 handi).
  2. Didn't think so.....

    I should've known that no members here would give a shit, or even know shit about pro golf. Or golf in general.
  3. I think golf is by far the hardest sport to pick up.. When I was younger my pops would try and take me out to the links, but it was just too damn frustrating. Maybe, I'll try it again when I'm older and hopefully have more patience.

    Now about Tiger. Yes, I agree, he receives A LOT of coverage that over shadows every other golfer. But, its natural, people like and want to see the best. Tiger is clearly the best, a lot of people might even tell you that he is the greatest athlete to ever live. Which honestly makes sense considering how much he has dominated his sport.

    Now, I'm not crazy over golf and don't really pay too much attention to it, but when I do flip it on, I'll admit I'm rooting for Tiger. But, that's not to say I wouldn't love to see someone rise up to contest Tiger and his dominance.

  4. Alright! A response!

    Yes, golf is BY FAR THE HARDEST SPORT TO PLAY!!!! Do not let anyone tell you other wise. There are several, no dozens of itty bitty mechanical tweeks that all have to go right at the same time for one to even hit it straight.

    These guys can open their left foot (right-handed golfers) and fade it away. They can close the right foot and draw it in. They can stand perfectly normal and purposely pull it. They can throw a 7 iron over a 200ft tree.

    Do you see how these guys are around the green? THAT is the major difference. The phrase 'drive for show and putt for dough' is not at all false. I don't even carry a wood in my bag.... well, I have a hybrid to get out of thick shit when I can't drive my 2 iron through it. But off the tee, even par 5s, I use a 3 iron.

    It astounds me how thses guys stop the ball after 3 hops from a fairway bunker 175+ yards away, and leave it within 10 ft.

    One of my favorite players to watch is Geoff Ogilvy. He is very tall, and his swing is such that he just picks the ball up out of fairway bunkers and fairway lies.

    Most golfers base their distance off of that one club. That one club that you can hit anytime, and consistantly hit it the same distance. For me, it is a 7 iron. I can consistantly bang out 160 with it. One of the par 3's at Bethpage was like 192 yards and some kid put in on the green with a 7 iron.

    Tiger can hit his 5wood 250+! 250+!!! I can barely get over 210 with my 3 iron.

    I just wish i had the cash to play a lot. I played on my HS team until I failed off. I can't help but think that if I continued I could have been good. But then again, most people probably think that.

    I really hope David Duval is back to stay. He deserves it. He was once #1 in the world and won the British. Now he is 800 something.
  5. I was there to see it. Okay it was only a practice round, but it was still entertaining :D
    And yes David Duval FTW :hello:
    Below are a a few of the hundreds of pictures that I took. The picture of the ball near the hole is Tiger's tee shot on one of the par 3's. The quality sucks, I know.

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  6. Who cazres about quality with a shot like that! Awesome stuff. Last time I saw pro golf was when this week's tourny was still called the Greater Hartford Open! (I live in CT.... could've taken the Port Jeff ferry to the Open.... very broke though)

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