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Discussion in 'General' started by Liquidtruth, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Anyone else watching the US Open today? I'm hoping Ames will take it, he is tied for second right now so anything can happen. If Ames cannot win, then, it would be cool for Tiger to win, simply because it is Father's Day, he recently lost his dad, and he is about to become a dad himself. Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win? Am I the only one watching?
  2. thats TODAY?! what time?

    Edit: nevermind i found it, that was a close call
  3. Oakmont is a brutal course, i hope tiger takes it.
  4. I would not want to play it. That would be a nightmare. ;)

    Ames is still tied for second, I am still hoping he takes it.
  5. Its getting intense. I wish I could hang around, get stoned, and watch the rest but I gotta work again tonight.

    Five players tied for the lead at +5. I smell a playoff

    ...I guess I'll have to catch Sportscenter later and see what happened. BE-EZ blades
  6. Someone should tell Mr. Ames that playing the rough is not a good idea. There is a fairway there, and people do make use of it for a reason.

  7. Ahh Baddeley is really fucking up...

    Oakmont is insane
  8. Not in this tourny they havent, been watchin all 4 days and i gotta say that yesterday Tiger played out of his mind, hes gonna take it.
  9. Ames hit into the rough, then shot his next shot into the rough by the green, his next shot went over the green, and guess where it stopped? Yup, in the damn rough! It was aggravating. Probably more so for him, though.

    But yeah, it has been nuts. People have found the rough/hazards more often than not. There have been some pretty cool recoveries, so that has been interesting. But, these guys must be pissed off. ;)
  10. Yeah Oakmont is a bitch, especially that 288 yard par 3, I mean what the fuck?
  11. Tigers n some shit
  12. That was an interesting US Open. Cabrera took it, good for him. Winning a US Open is a big thing! I still wish Ames could have won it, but oh well. He can win the Canadian Open! :)
  13. Especially winning it on a course like oakmont, beating the best of the best golfers on the toughest of tough courses.
  14. Tiger lost ahhahahh he looked like he was bout to cry.

  15. Yeah, that is crazy. I would bogey that hole if I were lucky. :p

    He came very close to winning it, I would be a little upset too. Though, why is it funny that he lost? Or should I instead ask, why do many people take such pleasure when he does?

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