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  1. Let's face it. The status of gun ownership in the US is being challenged. The news is spewing anti-gun sentiments on mostly every channel, especially on liberal channels. Facebook is a mess, people with absolutely no level of knowledge offering opinions on how they should be taken away. This may not mean much for now, but if incidences keep occurring over 10, 20, 30 years...guns may be banned entirely. It is a huge possibility.

    So...banning guns. A lot of good could come from that, but let's not ignore the fact that a whole lot of bad could come from it, too.

    Why? Outside of the rare and sporadic instances in which mentally fucked up and/or rogue primitive human beings decide to massacre or attack the populace, who else owns and uses guns?

    Criminals. They own and use them far more than they're seen in incidents where places like malls and schools are shot up. So what does that mean, exactly? It means by banning them, criminals will still have them and be able to get them. It means when you're alone at night with your wife and newborn, living the perfect life you've always dreamt of, and one of those criminals breaks in to steal your shit or harm your family, your kitchen knife is all you have between them, their .45 caliber unregistered and illicitly acquired
    handgun, and the life of the only female you ever wish to love and the perfect baby you two have made. And when that criminal wants your shit, and you realize he's a kill or be killed type of desperate human being, and your wife and daughter's lives are on the line, you're going to get fucking shot going after him with a kitchen knife. And if he wants to, he'll kill them too.

    And then what, maybe you'll survive. But I fucking bet you you won't be at your wife's funeral believing a gun ban saved their lives. No, you'll wish you had a gun to protect them and you'll wonder why the gun ban never extended
    to hardened criminals. Then you'll realize the gun ban only effects those who use it for personal protection, and leaves you vulnerable to the people who use guns to coerce people through means of fear and violence.

    Even a novice criminal who doesn't think they'll ever kill someone will 'accidentally' pull a trigger in a heated situation. He may be using it simply for coercion by fear, but when you decide you want to hit him with a bat, or that your wife snuck up on him from the shadows, he'll pop off a shot because he's as scared as you.

    If these kids who grab guns and shoot random places up point to one solid truth, it's that human beings have the ability to do very cruel, unpredictable and violent things. So what does that say about the real killers,
    the ones who can get a gun anyway and are always a threat? That somehow 911 and a ~10 minute wait on a police officer is a better option? Get fucking real. This is America, there's a lot of batshit crazy motherfuckers around us
    and I'll be damned if I put my life and the future life of my family in their hands as a measure of faith in humanity. Humanity is fucked up, it's about time people realize that. You shouldn't trust your neighbor, he's an animal
    just like you. The only difference is you may be an animal whose realize that violence is pointless, while he may be a beast disguised in a business suit who sits down at night and reflects on primitive thoughts.

    Go ahead. Keep talking about banning guns. We register and report firearms, take fingerprints, and all that good shit for a reason. Criminals don't.

    The Sandy shooting was a tragedy. In no way do I condone it or spit upon the lives of those little children. But people need to realize the mother of that child fucked up. I read he was on anti-psychotics, anti depressants, and all sorts of other bullshit pills. His own brother said he was strange and mentally a nutjob. Then you're going to keep guns in the house? With ammo? And not put them in a secure location? I don't know the details, but if my child had a mental issue I would be watching my shit or make them impossible to be found.

    That's not even going into the issue with the pills. Yeah! Let's give our kids mental chemical cocktails and see how they turn out! They've been out for less than ~50 years and so research is limited, but we know exactly how they work on a brain over the course of a lifetime!

    That's a joke.

    RANT OVER. Feel free to argue with me and put all of your faith in the police. They'll be busy busting some pothead teenagers right before they drive over to save your life.
  2. I agree with not banning guns. That being said, I disagree with almost everything else you said. When defending the right to bear arms I don't think it is important to talk about a made-up breaking and entering situation. The principle of the government telling us we can not bear arms is the part that bothers me.

    -Also, the Sandy shooter had just found out he was being admitted to a mental hospital.
  3. That part bothers me also, but it isn't going to get you anywhere in a debate. Anyone you debate against with that attitude is going to win. You'll be immediately identified as another 'conspiracy theorist' and as someone who does not support their government.

    I don't see how you can not agree with me on those points if you are a pro-gun advocate. To be scared of the government is one thing, but to not realize there are also criminals who make a living by being criminal is another. They're just as harmful as any government control. Not to mention, with or without guns, the fact of the matter is if you're scared of the government you're missing the point that they can just as easily control you via economic means and/or mass bombing. Guns won't stop them if they seek to control. There are MANY other ways.
  4. people are looking for answers as to why something like that could happen? what it is could be 2 things.

    a. an anomaly

    b. a certain interest group, is indoctrinating these people to do mass killings, so that all of our guns are taken away and we are helpless. why did he kill his mother? what did she know? is there more to the story? why are so many killings all happening right now?

    to me bearing arms means having something at least marginally matchable to what the military has.

    either way stock the fuck up now!!
  5. A nice Appeal to Pity logical fallacy there with the breaking in scenario ;), but really, I agree with basically everything you said.

    I enjoyed reading this rant.

    And I agree with the mom being fucked up. If she was alive she'd be in some hot water as we speak.
  6. Completely agree OP. Nice rant

    Why did adam lanza destroy his hardrive if he was goin to go kill kids and commit suicide?

    I know some idiot is gonna say "he wasnt planning on suicide ". Look at the evidence. All these massacres are murder suicides. Supposedly he made an internet suicide threat too.

    The only people who seen adam lanza enter, kill, or anything are DEAD. No live witnesses other than the ones barely making it in the hospital.

    Isnt it strange that everyone shot died?

    Usually the body count is like 18 dead 26 wounded.

    Seriously? Nobody seen a guy in camo with bulletproof vest and camo carrying an ar15 walking up to a school?

    Seems like thats the issue. Not the type of gun used.
  7. I agree with the entirety of your post.

    I truely believe the shootings that happened recently and all througout history are orchestrated by shadow government and the bankers.

    They use school shootings because they know the impact it creates emotionally.

    Now the UN is trying to ban guns next year and thats terrifying. Fuck the UN

    Anyone ever wonder why they always shoot up schools? Its rarely anywhere else.

    And, hurricane SANDY and SANDY HOOK.

    Coincidence? You decide
  8. Yeah. Have yall seen the sandy hook batman movie shit? Crazy.

    I dont know if govt directly orchesrated the attack but i do beleive they have caused this problem via the medications, and violence in games and movies.

    I have played games all my life, but i would never do something like this. Some people it affects differently though and its up to the parents to prevent their children from watching and playing these games.

    Thats really what a law is. Your relinquishing your personal responsibility to the state which then forces you to conform.

    I think thats what breeds all this love for communism. The world starts getting difficult so people dont want to go out into it and try for themselves. They had rather have the state appoint them a job and hand them a check rather than take any personal responsibility to make a decision at all.

    If your uncomfortable with personal responsibility now, wait till your in bondage.
  9. I'm not saying I believe it's a conspiracy but this video was...interesting to say the least. Father of a child killed.

    Looks very faked to me. And I was never convinced it was a conspiracy. Even in keeping those thoughts out, look at how he acts. Looks very fake and he's laughing before he begins speaking. The fuck
  10. I say ban anti-psychotic drugs they do more harm than good

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