Us government killed osamas wife in raid

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Buttas, May 3, 2011.

  1. They also killed his son. So wrong. I'll smoke fo em
  2. Guilty by association.
  3. they were very well aware of who their husband/father was and should have seen it as a strong possibility. imo anyways
  4. She was used as a human sheild.
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    So his son deserved to die because of who his father is? Not like you can choose who your parents are.

    I swear, between this thread and people celebrating death there are a lot of fucked up people on here.
  6. Now I imagine it going down like the first mission in blops where you shoot Castro in the head.

    Cannot unsee.
  7. The White House also got to watch the whole thing go down, live, while eating popcorn.
  8. I'll bet you there was not a single survivor in the entire complex.

    There can't be ANY witnesses that are not on the payroll. :rolleyes:
  9. If he gave a fuck about them he would have seperated himself from them to protect them after the attacks he knew we would be coming for him and he knew that anyone within five feet of him would be dead when we caught him. fuck him and his wife the kids ehhhhhhh I kinda feel bad but he killed over 3,000 of ours.
  10. How old was he?

    If he was old enough, I bet $20 he was shooting back too. Of course hes going to fight with his dad dude
  11. Really?

    She really died?

    I thought i read in the news that she confirmed his death or some shit.
  12. Damn. They take their marriage vows serious as hell. Lol, I would've been left the bastard.
  13. Strange...the same tactics the cartels and mafia uses...
  14. What the fuck man. Why the fuck is it totally cool for muslims to chop our reporters heads off but we cant kill some cunt married to a terrorist, probably not by choice either.

    Fuck your double standard....
  15. Who said it was totally cool?
  16. Should of been using coldblooded
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    Yeah you probably did read That correctly because he had 4 wives ,1 was killed being used as a shield and two others were injured also being used as a shield. His son was killed a courier was killed and the couriers brother was killed. He was 54 when he died. I smoked a joint for him today haha nothing against America or anything ;)
  18. "Old enough" in Islam is apparently 6. They use 6-year-old's in Palestine as bomb defusers and weapon retrievers on the frontlines. :rolleyes:
  19. People have been using the same tactics since the beginning of time, it didn't start with the Cartels or Mafia.

    This is what people do in the time of war. Everybody...

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