US Government/CPSC out of control once again

Discussion in 'General' started by maestroelite, May 5, 2006.

  1. "Simply put, you never have to buy Gasoline again."

    "The United Nuclear Hydrogen Fuel System Kit converts your existing vehicle to run on Hydrogen."

    The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recruited the SWAT team and other Government agencies to raid the research and development facility of a company developing a conversion kit to convert gasoline vehicles to run on hydrogen; confiscating all papers, plans and computers.

    Also the CPSC would like to eventually ban the public from all access to chemicals.

    I don't know about you but I am tired of paying an arm and leg at the gas pump! And watching the government hack away at my rights!
    PLEASE read the above web sights for more information and pass on this information on and off the internet.

    credits to chimera at SGTC.

    What a load of crap. I'm sick of this government suppressing my right to deviate from the standard.
  2. i am in awe at that wesbite. i can't even believe that the company was fucking raided and had their shit stolen.:mad:

    they were experimenting with something that would not only make gas a thing of the past, but would save money by allowing people to convert their current cars into hydro cars.

    fucking government.

    no gas means no money for the fat cats.

    fat cats with no money? how could this be?

    might as well use our influence in the gov. to put a stop to any competition(fucking earth friendly competition at that) that is a threat to us.
  3. AHHH our government is just big business
  4. i know, and that sucks so much.

    we are the reason they can flourish so much.

    because they own the necessary products we need to get our day to day activities done. and it fucking sucks.

    but it sucks even more when someone is trying to better the planet and the lives of those who inhabit the planet and the government comes in and shuts it down.

    now that is just fucked up.
  5. "guy from the 70's" once posted on here about how back in the day when he was on a project where they made a kit for a Cadillac that made it run really efficient, like more efficient than todays cars. And mysteriously, the project got shut down, all the info taken, and everyone told to go home and forget about it. Some years later, I guess he found out it was the gov't that shut it down, because a really efficient engine was too much of a threat to the oil industry.

    It's so sad, just in what we know. Imagine what we don't.
  6. Yeah it is. People confuse the shit out of me alot. But I guess one should never underestimate the power of money.

    I don't understand why people put faith in government. Nothing ever gets done, especially if it's beneficial to the people. That's why marijuana isn't legalized; because they don't give a shit. About any of us.

    And the worst part is not the price gouging, the ridiculous ways in which our tax money is spent, or even some of the stupid(er) laws, but the fact that they control us. They fucking control us and there's really nothing we can do about it except to keep on fuckin' with them.:devious:

  7. Politicians are lawyers and businessmen. That's the reason.
  8. The electric engine was invented and being installed in vehicles in 1909.

    Then the oil companies bought the patents. And still own them to this day.
  9. Man the government is fucking up. From the war in Iraq the war in Iraq to the war in Iraq all theres been is fucking up by the government. Now they just want to fuck with us with the gas.
  10. Don't I know it.
  11. don't worry, when the revolution comes they'll all be fucked.

    Know why?

  12. Don't things like that really piss you off? They do for me. It's like, all the facts are there for people to realize that our government works for oil tycoons, but people just refuse to believe it and the media, which prefers the status quo, refuses to say anything about it even though they're in a position to affect major change.

    Almost makes me want to be more of a hermit than I already am.

    The wool is pulled over so many people's eyes. Even all of ours. I'm honestly a bit afraid of the things that we *don't* know about, because I think they're much bigger. Like finding out that the CIA is the world's biggest drug dealer. Things like that. It's fun to think about them though.

    Like what if the CIA were the ones who trained the terrorists to do what they did (seems easier to me than the other conspiracy theories) on 9/11? I mean, didn't we give Al-Queda a bunch of weapons to fight the russians? We were on the same side not too long ago. Is it that unplausable that a covert op was installed as a leader of a few cells? Or what if the CIA just knew about the cells, and faked the messages "from al-queda" that told them to do what they did? All these things are possible.
  13. If you get in a crash, wouldnt those nitrogen tanks expload? Sounds super dangerous to me.

    Of course if the gas tank ignites youre in deep shit (when in an accident).

    Just some thoughts. Fucking government.

  14. Probably, but then again, so does gas (as you said). Maybe they could make a really strong box around the tanks that was nearly impossible to break; that's more than they do for gas tanks full of explosive fuel.

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