US gives China eminent domain over us

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  1. corporate empire of America is coming to an end.Old article, but worth checking out. What it means is that when, not if, the US defaults, china has the power to seize our land an assets.Possible? Yes, realistic? MaybeWill we give up easily? NeverM3ssenger
  2. wow what a splendid and professional looking website.  AND its a "source" from 3 years ago?!
    Yup.. im still on GC.. thanks for reminding me
  3. More like not at fucking all realistic....and somewhat likely the entire world would be destroyed before the USA was. Unless we entered into some sort of one world government
  4. LolThere is no way china will let us off debt free.. No way to pay it back either. And no, acquisition does not always include violence, but we may have to pay land fees to china and not the US anymore. M3ssenger
  5. no way in any reality we are in would china endanger all of its people by doing anything aggressive towards us. the world knows we would react violently.
  6. Even if the government did fork over some of our land to China do you think for one second all the good ol boys with guns would just let it happen and become Chinese citizens? Ha! I think not.
  7. Were bad ass and all, but china ain't no pussys either. We owe them, and they ARE GOING TO GET THERE DOUGH. That's just how loans go, and we owe a llllloooooooot of loans so we betta get them ar's and ar-15's ready 'cause when a mothafucca wants their money, they'll do anything to get it. 'specially a greedy mothafucca.
  8. We are a nuclear power. No war would take place on our soil for fear of a firey death

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    My thought's exactly.
    Gotta love the good ol' fashioned monetary system. Whew* Where Would We BE Without It.....
    Woah, hey man, you're 5 steps ahead of the everyone, slow down and let them catch up... ;)
  12. we owe china one trillion and make 15 a year...i think well be ok
    We don't make anything...
  14. Slowly, the elite are selling out this nation, so it could be a real possibility that we might have chinese corporations to work for and slowly merge into a new world order where the Anglo-American system merges with communist china. Or we might just nuke out way out. And lets not forget a 'red dawn' event in which the whole red army can attack us when our troops are overseas.M3ssenger
  15. Is that a problem? You care if the company is headquartered in china and has factories in the usa? So what?
  16. Can I get a hit of the weed you are puffin on?
  17. 'We respond with denial and anger. We don't want to admit that we are dupes and our perception of reality is false. Dumbed down, we are incapable of common sense and concerted action. We refuse to contemplate what they may have in store. Better to ridicule the messenger and change the channel.'So you really are fine with living in a more communist state and work for someone else, from another country entirely. That your land might one day be seized and your children will inherit nothing. China is taking back their loan, one way or another. Believe it. Thanks federal reserve..M3ssenger

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    Did you not read the responses to your own question? The response is not denial and anger, you got the truth. China is going to have to come to grips with not getting paid any time soon, and if they invade US soil, violence is inevitable. Thats just the way it is, if you think US citizens will willingly allow what you are describing you are out of your mind. 
  19. Or...maybe youre xenophobic? You said you were worried about working for a chinese company and think it will lead to them taking over the country? That make no sense to anybody but a xenophobe lol.
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    china isnt taking anything..if they wanted their money we would give it to them and then cut off trade which would fuck them...and they acknowledge we have a more powerful military than them so im not worried about an invasion or whatever..they just want to have a consumption dominant economy (stronger currency) like we do and once they become like america another country will be used for cheap labor..probably africa if they get their wars under control

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