US cannabis legalisation = UK legalisation?

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    So, through reading these forums everyday for a while now i've noticed the marijuana legalisation movement is doing some great work in the US and seems to be building it's strength every day. I beleive cannabis will be legalised in the US by 2012. Here in the UK on the other hand it's a different story, the government has recently moved cananbis up to a class B drug THE SAME LEVEL AS AMPHETAMINES AND IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE NO MEDICINAL VALUE and have started showing a load of new anti weed commercials.

    ^^ Read this, it's ridiculous someone can face LIFE in prison for MUSHROOMS which are apparently more dangerous than tranquillisers and ketamine which are appaerntly less dangerous than weed.

    I think this is because the british government is getting nervous, I think they have seen all the good work and progess made in the US on the cannabis front and don't want the British people to be swayed by any new laws passed in the US. There has been absolutley nothing in the papers about activism or activist groups in papers or on TV and the one activist group I know of are based in my hometown and are just plain lazy, they organise absolutley nothing.
    But, considering the amount of ass-kissing that goes on by our government to the US's if cannabis was legalised in the US would other countries e.g the UK follow in it's footsteps or shun them for legalising such a 'dangerous substance'? IMO I think in the UK at least we wouldn't hear about anything about it untill it's fully legalised and then our government would just try to make the ignorant of this country even more ignorant by claiming what the US has done is a terrible thing and we will not follow them. But at the same time I think the people of this country CAN'T be that stupid, I mean if the worlds leading super-power (the US) legalised it wouldn't the people of this country wonder WHY?

    Don't know if any of that had a point or even made sense, but if it did, share your thaughts. P.S I'm pretty baked while I wrote this so grammar and spelling nazis can kiss my ass.

    Edit: Wanted to share these lovely pieces of information on the current UK law system.
  2. wow really? shrooms and LSD labeled just as dangerous as fucking heroin and crack/cocaine? thats totally absurd and completely ridiculous. and fucking LIFE in prison if caught dealing? that just amazes me how they could completely ruin the life of another human being and have them locked in prison along with murderers and rapists and shit, just for selling some drugs.

    but i think if it IS legalized here, then our economy would no doubt drastically get better and the UK would see this more than likely, which would have to sway their doubts of how amazing cannabis actually is
  3. Weed and lsd and psilocybin are schedule 1 here in the US. That is classed as more dangerous than schedule 2 meth and cocaine.
  4. While legalization in the US doesn't automatically mean the UK would legalize, it would relieve the political pressure that the US imposes on the world in order to fight it's "war on drugs". I imagine if the US did legalize, you would have more progressive countries falling in to place.
  5. the reason its illegal all over the world is because the US forced countries to do it, specifically harry anslinger.
  6. I believe once the US goes the rest of the world will. Almost all if not all drug laws around the world today were made and then forced onto the country by the US. Then by use of trade embargoes, blockades, and war (and the threats of all these) ensure that the laws are passed and then enforced. Just look at the netherlands now, the US has been threatening with trade for a while now and now look what's going on there.
  7. That's because of what happened during the Vietnam war. The only thing the American government is concentrated on is being at war, keeping their people scared, and keeping the banking families rich and on top.

    People who do LSD don't want to go to war, they want peace, and according to the media going to war is what being an American is all about. Interesting side-note, did anyone see billmaher on hbo last night? How he was basically saying that vigilante groups should capture those bankers who stole a shitload of money and hang them on national tv at the stock exchange building in New York with their balls in their mouth? That guy is fucking awesome.
  8. When the U.S. legalizes most of the rest of the world will follow very quickly.

    The U.S. is the biggest signatory to the Single Convention and actively forces the rest of the countries to abide by it.

    But there is no way it can continue to do this after marijuana's legalized in its own country!

    When the U.S. legalizes and with Brown gone the U.K will also legalize. :bongin:
  9. though this is true, anslinger orginal position on marijuana was that it was indiviudals states decision on what to do with pot, but in the southwest mexicans would cross the border and come into texas and arizona and commit violent crimes and the governors of these states blamed marijuana becuz the mexicans would smoke it, and they persuaded anslinger made the drug illegal to possess and grow but then he created a marijuana tax stamp kinda like the (machine gun stamps that made possession of machine guns legal to own but the gov't never made these stamps which meant it was legal with the stamp but no stamps made meant no machine guns were legal) but the only way to get the stamp was if you had the pot on you at the time BUT to possess the pot meant you were breaking the law and would get arrested, so yes anslinger made pot illegal but if it werent for the governors of texas and other southwest states putting pressure on him it would not have become federally illegal.. sorry for the long post but i just wanted to give a little background on the reasons
  10. Don't you find it funny that other countries label drugs as more or less dangerous? As if it affects someone differently depending on where you live.

    You think this would be blatantly obvious that the war on drugs is bullshit.

  11. I agree, if there's no consistency between the countries about the dangers contained in drugs then that in itself is evidence that the classifications and subsequent penalties are arbitrary opinions created by people who haven't got a clue.

    I heard a legislative debate on Friday for MMJ, one senator spoke of an old college friend of his who smoked marijuana and never really finished college or got a career. He used this as evidence to oppose the proposed MMJ law. This is plain idiocy!!

    This is NOT scientific and shows that our lawmakers cast their votes based on nothing more than emotional reactions to rare isolated events. These turkeys need to be held accountable for the decisions they make!

    They need to be forced to defend the reasons for the votes they cast. And if the reasons prove to be unacceptable they need to face the full brunt of public criticism.
  12. Correct. We call the personal bias in my line of work, and you're taught to stay away from that. It seems so obvious.

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