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Us/Canadian Border Question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanadianToken, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. What's the law/rule if i wanted to bring in a used glass bowl with me from Us to Canada. I'd be crossing from detroit/windsor. It's obviously a really small bowl and it's easy to conceal, but i'm worried about if it's legal or not. It has been used before and also i have crossed the borders several times, i'm a canadian and a american citizen but i can't really recall if they have dogs there?
  2. If it has any weed residue in the bowl it is considered drug paraphernalia. Witch is illegal. They only way to do it legally is to clean it so it looks brand new. And if anyone asks, it is for tobacco. You may even want to pack it in a bag with some pipe tobacco just to be safe.
  3. Not sure about windsor but I regularly cross to Canada in port Huron. I don't think it wouldnt be a problem getting it into Canada via blue water bride because I know for a fact they don't have those x ray cameras. They do however when you are coming back into the u.s. So you would probably want to clean it like brand new before you head to he states.not sure if they have those cameras going into windsor but you could always play it safe and go across in port huron. Haha hope this helped. I'm pretty highhh
  4. Thanks. How do you exactly clean it to remove all the residue using home items, i don't want to buy some special cleaner. My friend cleaned it once with soap and water, and Listerine once but it still has the smell.
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure you can use rubbing alcohol or something just go into the toking tools sction there's prolly a few tutorial threads
  6. Wintergreen rubbing alcohol works great and leaves a nice smell.
  7. Yeah just make sure you clean is REALLLY well.
    Make sure there isnt a single spot of resin, clean it so it looks AND smells as if you just bought it.
    That way, it will be legal if they find it, because its for "tobacco use".
    Once there is any bit of resin, it turns into paraphanelia.

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