Us Backed Al Qaeda rebels Slaughter 60 Civilians In Syria

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  1. Looks like John McCain's AQ friends in Syria have been busy of late butchering Syrian civilians. 
  2. Al queda was created by the CIA,. They were also the ones who were blamed for 9/11 attacks and is now being supported to carry out terrorism across the middle east
  3. Religious people can be so fucking retarded sometimes. I have nothing against people following a certain religion but fuck you if you kill someone in the name of your religion. Especially if it's someone from the same religion but a different sect, that just makes you DUMB AS SHIT.
    Kinda makes me hope hell exist so these motherfuckers can go there.
  4. Whats particularly offensive about giving any arms to the Syrian Rebels other then half the rebels probably being AQ is they attempted to deny me my rights to guns. 
    So here you have a rag tag group of humans who you cant possibly do a background check, you can't possibly know anything about them. When they say weapons its more then a M-16, its going to be crew served weapons, anti aircraft missiles, anti-tank missiles. So they believe that giving these people without any sort of verification is just and right. 
    These same people attempted to ban weapons for all of us, attempted to put background checks on us...mind you they wont get them for a anti tank weapon. These same people wanted magazine capacity limits. 
    Whats funny is the weapons they were trying to ban pale in comparison to the weapons these jihadists will receive. 
    Obama's America. Enjoy whoever voted for the guy. A world where we say the bad guys are misunderstood. A world where your own citizens you spy on, a world where you audit political organizations. A world where I am punished via taxes to give to the legions that sit on there asses. 
  5. You call it Obama's America, yet most of the shit was implemented by the Republicans. When are you going to recognize the asshats on the other side too? :smoke:
    Gun control was 95% the Drones voting for it. Go to Colorado there so angry about what there State did to them some counties are voting to split and create North Colorado. Won't happen but a good indicator of the mood in that state. 
    Prism came into focus in 2008 and throughly accelerated by Drone King Obama. 
    The IRS auditing was conducted by Drone Kings administration or under it. A good example is from 2004 to 2008 IRS commissioner visited the White House once. 2008-2012 he visited the White House 167 times. Thats actually more then every commissioner combined for like 50 years actually. They have a log book in the White House that people have to sign if they do not work there. 
    The taxes that have gone up are the result of Drone King. 
    Republicans are there own mess but in these instances its on the Drones. 
  7. I hate the left-right paradigm.

    "Hey, I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking." "Hey, I think the puppet on the right is more to my liking."
    "Hey, wait a minute...There's one guy holding both puppets!!"
    Bill Hicks.

    I find it exceedingly ridiculous that mr. Obama can try and ban so called "assault rifles" with a straight face while at the same time arming "rebels" who he is not even sure where their loyalty lies with the VERY "assault rifles" that he wouldn't even trust his own citizens with.

    It goes to show that it is not and never was about "assault rifles" but rather who has the rifles.

    I would also argue that the King of England would consider the Colonists muskets to be "assault weapons" in the 1770's.
  8. The long and painful saga of US intervention continues...

    Have the US government developed amnesia ? 
    Do they not remember what happened the last time they gave weapons to Al Qaeda ?
    I wonder is this the same "evidence" they had regarding Iraq having WMD's. 
  9. Surprised op?

    Why is it john mccains fault now?

    What about Barry O.s lying crooked ass?

    Fuck he even looks and sounds like osama bin laden!
    McCain, Obama, Bush, etc etc... No real difference between any of these warmongering cnts...
    The reason McCain was mentioned in the OP is because he went and visited/spoke to the "rebels" (Al Qaeda) in Syria. I heard the clown McCain on the radio today moaning that Obama's arming the rebels was not going far enough. He seems to want the US military to aid the rebels ie US troops on the ground.
    We are very much like Lewis Black the comedians skit on Candy Corn. Every year he eats it and is revolted by it. Every year like a alzheimer's patient he eats it again. 
  12. I am against religion , But it was the media, and propaganda machine who lied to the public and created this web of B,S,. Maybe these people just are defending there rights and it doesn't seem the Syrian people hate there president. Its a bunch of destabilization from the elite who are working hard to establish there own puppet governments as you can see there Kuwait and Saudi Arabian friends... Its a grand chess board and religions just happens to be in the middle.
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  14. They don't hate the president. They love him. He is fair to Shia and Sunni Muslims and Christians. He was a fair leader and he had something like a 90% approval rate. If the US wasn't funding Al Quid...... Err...... The rebels, ether wouldn't be a problem. We are giving them guns and weapons to kill. Without America's intervention, everything would be ok.

    I'm really worried that this could be the start of WW3. Especially since Syria has Russia And Iran as allies. If America sends troops in, thinks could get really really bad. Russia, Iran, and Turkey(?) have all warned the U.S to not intervene.
  15. Al Queda backed by the U.S.? My god, the more I read this bullshit the more thankful I am to live in the USA and get high everyday. There is nothing I can do about what's been done. So I get high and watch Dexter on showtime. Fuck it.
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    90% approval rating? damn, that is almost as high as Kim Jong Un's.  
    seriously though? i don't support the al q rebels or foreign intervention, but to say assad is an angel that everyone loves is untruthful. he's a tyrant interested in keeping his own power, and he is backed by the very same people. 
    about six months ago I befriended a guy from Demascus. I had no idea at first because he had no trace of a foreign accent, but really he's a great guy and I love to talk to him about the situation whenever he visits. Next time I see him I will ask him about Assads approval rating. Judging from previous discussions we've had he'll probably laugh in my face. 
    I have a different reaction. The more I read this bullshit the more ashamed and scared I am to live in the USA. This makes me want to go back to Switzerland, which I am actually going to be working on obtaining a residence permit. 
    yup. internet age colonialism
  18. When I said "bullshit", I was not talking about the USA. I was talking about the neandrethal thinking of the middle east. Killing in the name of God, whom they believe created life.
      It's the equivalant of an archetect taking months to design and bulid a beautiful building, and then tear it down in 4 hours because thier boss told them that they would give them a promotion if they do that. Selfish motives. Immature.
  19. I hate to say this, because I have a strong belief that your statement is not 100% true, but prove it. I do believe that if a civil war is started over in the middle east, that the USA would get involved and manipulate what they can, but CIA creating it? And if they created 911, then why the hell did Bush go into Iraq? He went into Iraq to clear his daddy's name.
  20. oh my bad, I misunderstood. While I am thankful I live in a place that isn't still in the dark ages, I don't think I will be able to continue living in this one. 

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