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Urinecredable's no BS drug testing advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by urinecredable, Apr 11, 2016.


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  1. I realize that there is another forum here at GrassCity that has served the Blades here wonderfully in the years past. I helped there myself for some time. But as a great man once said, "The times, they are a changin." Have no idea who said it, but it definitely applies here. For those of you that don't know me, you are welcome to research my background on the old forum. But suffice it to say, if you are worried about an upcoming drug test, I can help you pass it. Now I don't know everything and I will make a mistake now and then. But it won't be because I didn't try my best. What you won't find here is a recommendation to use ANYTHING that is not 100% effective. No Certo method, Niacin or detox drink of any kind. I don't believe in their ability to help everyone all the time. As a matter of fact, I don't believe they will help anyone, anytime. Not in the context they are used. (more on that later). For now, I'd like to open this thread to the public. Please answer the following questions to begin your post,
    Smoking history, i.e. Grade of smoke used, length of time you smoked, your BMI (this can be calculated at various websites), date of last intake and date of test. I will respond to each and everyone of the posts between 6pm and 8pm EST 5 days a week. If you post here on Sat or Sun, you will get your answer on Monday. Just be patient with me. One last thing, this thread will be based on my opinion only. It will not reflect the opinion of GrassCity or anyone related to GrassCity. Nor will this thread be used as a place to argue or debate over the advice I give. There will be some that disagree with me, but I have very little time to help those that need it and I will not waste it on petty arguments. So please feel free to post your disagreements elsewhere.
    That's it, for now. I'll check in tomorrow and see if any of you Blades are in need of my advice. In the meantime, if you have a chance, read my new thread, "The end of the Dilution Method and how it will change the detox industry".
    Goodnight and remember...:gc_rocks:
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    Gonna repost what I wrote in the old dead thread. Hope thats ok. Thank you in advance.

    Smoking history/length of time you smoked
    Im not a daily smoker anymore but do like to take a few hits every now and then. Last time I smoked was 13 days ago. I took about 3-4 hits from a 1 gallon gravity bong and held my breath each time. The day before that I took about 4 hits from a really small piece. Boy was I lit. Always a good feeling smoking after not having smoked for so long. Anyways..

    Last time I smoked before that incident was 21 days. Also 3 hits off a gravity 1 gallon gravity. Before that was like 3 months. And before that over a year.

    Date of last intake and date of test.
    Date of last intake March 25th at 11:30pm
    Date of test April 7th at 4pm

    ~13 days

    Grade of smoke used,
    mid grade

    BMI (this can be calculated at various websites)
    Im 5'11, 195lbs and BMI calculator says 27.2 which is a bit too much id say. Ive been measured at 16% bodyfat. I lift weights 3 times a week for 1 hr and do cardio 2x a week for 20 min. I also supplement with 5 g of creatine everyday.

    Extra info
    I voided 2 times and then probably drank over a liter of water right before the test. Took an hour to pee once I got there. I was not expecting the test so did not prepare. I got a job offer on the spot and they sent me over to a lab. The lab they are sending my split sample is Medtox for a non regulated pre-emp screen. The sample was still pale yellow and not clear so hope its not too dilute. Anyone know the cutoff for them?

    I bought a test on the way home and tested negative (April 7th). I have a second test that Ill test with my first void when I wake up.

    update 1:
    So I tested using firstcheck with 50ng cutoff this morning. Used the first few seconds too to get worst case scenario and it was a negative (April 8th). So thats two home tests that are negative for thc. Still a little worried since I do not know the cutoff for the medtox non reg pre emp screen. They dont do GC/MS unless its a positive right? What if its diluted?

    update 2:
    I might send off my at home sample to the lab to get it verified. I think im just being paranoid and stressing for no reason but many here can relate.I ordered some 20ng tests as well. Ill post those results when I get them which will be 5 days after my initial medtox UA.
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  3. It seems we were both writing at the same time. I, on the old thread, you on the new. Thank you for coming over. And I'll tell you what you probably already know...CONGRATULATIONS! You passed. No need to order those 20 ng tests. Medtox will not have tested you at 20 ng. Unless of course, you fall under one of the guidelines I mentioned before. So, if you passed a FirstCheck, you passed you Medtox. Time to rellllaaaaxxxx. Peace.
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    Thank you! I cant cancel the 20ng tests as its too late but ill have them handy for a friend or something. I read your detailed response in the old thread lol by (5% im sure you meant 95%. Its a small hospital down in southern California so not sure if thats private industry working for gov contract. I am feeling a lot better but now thinking I shot myself in the food by chugging so much water! Urine was a straw color so Im hoping for the best. If it does get flagged for being dilute the lady wrote down notes about me trying to pee twice or three times before I could go. She even handed me more water...

    edit: will check out your thread on dilution update
  5. Smoking history:
    Very casual smoker. A gram lasts me a month or more. I only smoke out of gravity bongs, so very little weed is used. Usually take one hit a day, sometimes two. Not everyday however. I'd say I smokes about 4 times a week.

    Grade of smoke used:


    Length of time you smoked:
    Stopped for about 2 months, then I bought a single gram of weed and have been smoking that for the last month or so. I ran out last week.

    your BMI (this can be calculated at various websites),

    6'3'. 170LBS

    date of last intake and date of test

    4/3/2016: Took a hit of a gravity bong.
    4/6/2016: Took a single bowl hit. Last time I smoked.
    4/9/2016: I was in a living room with some people who were smoking a blunt. I did not smoke and moved to the corner of the room, avoiding being near their exhales. Windows not open.
    4/12/2016: I was sitting next to someone who took 3 hits of a gravity bong over the course of 6 hours. They did not blow the smoke in my direction. Windows not open.

    The test is 4/18/2016. I am joining the Army, so I'll take the drug test at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS).

    I workout 3 times a week. I take vitamins everyday and eat healthy foods. Do you think I stand a chance at passing this drug test? Thank you man, I really appreciate it.
  6. Your going to be fine. If you'd like confirmation of this, purchase a home test and use it to find out for sure. Good luck and let me know how it goes.
  7. Smoking history:
    Smoked daily for about 6 years. Usually about a gram a day in a blunt at the end of the day. Took about a 2 month break at the end of last year and started smoking regularly again at the beginning of January.

    Grade of smoke used:

    Usually pretty decent, hydroponically grown. Not necessarily some exotic kush, but not regs or mids.


    37. 265, 5'11. High fat percentage (35%)

    Date of last intake and date of test:

    Last smoked today. Just found out I have a job offer and I will be tested (urine) sometime in May. I am thinking that the earliest that it would be is Monday, May 9 (22 days). I will stop smoking immediately and begin exercising daily. What are my chances?
  8. Kinsler, I'm afraid your chances of passing naturally are very slim. Given your stats, you would be in the 60 to 90 day range. I know that sounds extreme, but it is a realistic timetable. I could set you up with a daily workout and extreme change in diet, but I'm afraid even that wouldn't be enough. 22 days is just not enough time to test clean naturally.
    But my job here is to get you to pass your test. So here is what you'll need to do...go to and pick up a hewhizz. It is a urine substitution device made for men. It is the best one I've found and have recommended it several times here. All with great success. This is your best chance to pass your test. Good luck and remember to come back and let me know how it went.
  9. Smoking History: I have smoked weed and dabs regularly for a few years (3-4) with mainly dabs the last few months. Some days just a tiny bit and others a little more or when not possible I would smoke weed. I haven't smoked in a week and I have a pre employment drug test that has to be taken before the 4th of may. I run around 45 mins to a hour every day. im 5'11 186-189 which is about a 26.2 bmi. I have been doing a detox kit I bought from vitamin shop that is a ten day cleanse, while also taking probiotics, activated charcoal and a few other supplements. Last day of smoking was 4/10/16 around 1030-11 and day of test can be anytime before the 4th of may. Please respond asap as this job is very important to me. Usually the drug test was conducted later in may and I thought I had more time.
  10. * smoking dabs only the last year and half or so, just weed before. nothing crazy
  11. First off, please don't waste anymore of your hard earned money on any "cleanse", supplement or detox anything. There is no scientific evidence behind any of them. Nor has there ever been. If you read the label closely you will find a disclaimer that reads, " This product has not been evaluated by the FDA". Or something similar. That means it is part of an industry that is not regulated and therefore can prey on unsuspecting desperate people looking for a magic potion to help them rid themselves if toxins. There simply is no such thing.
    Now let's see if I can't give you some sound advice so you can pass your upcoming test.
    Smoking dabs mainly will mean your fat cells are fairly saturated with THC. Your avg bmi will work in your favor, as will your current running regiment. Although you didn't mention your diet, switching to a low fat/high fiber diet will greatly increase your chances of passing. Your going to want to go #2 as much as possible. THC metabolites are excreted through your stool at a higher rate than urine. Staying hydrated during your running is also very important. No need to over hydrate though, you can't "wash" THC from your fat cells (as many would have you think).
    As you probably already know, the biggest factor working against you is time. 20-25 days is not ideal. Especially with your smoking history. I would say 35-60 days till clean time with your current stats.
    But everyone is different. You did mention that this is a test you cannot afford to fail. With this in mind, here is my recommendation...
    Keep up your current regiment, change your diet immediately and pick up 3 home tests. Test yourself now. Again in a week and again 3 days to test day. If you are still dirty in your last self test, it's time to switch to plan B.
    Plan B is you substitute clean uriñe for your dirty urine. I know that sounds strange, but it is the number two way in the world to pass. Right behind actually being clean.
    The devices they have in the market make this task fairly simple. The biggest challenge is making sure your sample is body temperature. There are only two devices I've seen that can do this for you. The Urinator and HeWhizz. Both can be found online. I prefer HeWhizz because it doesn't have the bulky and cumbersome urine vag that ties around your waist. I have been recommending this product on GC for a long time. All with great success.
    Whichever device you choose, make sure you have it on hand by the time your third self test is finished. That will give you time to practice and to not stress because you'll have your plan B in place just in case..
    There you have it. I wish I had better news for you, but the length of time is just too short, I believe. Anyway, best of luck. And don't forget to come back and let know how it went.
  12. any suggestions on how to keep the noise down when you are using the substitution using a bottle quick fix comes in but i am filling it with a buddies urine...just want to avoid making any odd sounds...since i have the temperature under piece under control
  13. Since you are concerned with the noise, you must be observed while you are testing. If your not under direct observation, you have nothing to worry about. QuickFix comes with a flip top lid that is silent.
    If you are testing under direct observation, then your in for more than you bargained for.
    As far as having the temperature under control, I'm wondering just how you plan on doing that? Just curious if you plan on using hand warmers? Let me know how it goes.
    And if you are testing under direct supervision, you may want to message me back before you go.
  14. im not under direct supervision at all...i was just concerned about the bubbling noise I heard while I was testing out my doing the test at a quest facility...just wanted to make sure I was as quiet as possible...and yes I am using hand warmers i have been able to keep the temperatures during all my tests between 96 - 100...been hiding it under my balls for 2+hrs monitoring the temperature every any chance do have any suggestions on how much of the bottle i should empty into the cup?
  15. The minimum line on the avg test cup is 45 ml Or 1.3 FL oz. So you only really need about half your bottle. Good luck
  16. awesome..thanks for the info...i will let you know how it goes once i take it tomorrow...I have been reading a lot of your responses and tips..thanks to you i think i have a process in place to you have any other pointers i should take into account by going to a quest facility?
  17. Just remember to act natural. Don't be fidgety. Abd remember to look the lab tech in the eyes when you talk to him, NOT AT HIS SHOES. Dead giveaway believe it or not. But you seem to have it down. Don't stress, it's easier than you think.
  18. i am probably over thinking it...just the bubbling noise had me concerned when im putting the urine into the test cup...but knowing i do not have to empty the whole jug is relaxing me...and keeping the temp between 96-100 under my nuts i should not run into any issues correct? i know the temp will cool once it is in the cup so if it drops down to 92-94 i will still be good right?
  19. What are your thoughts on not refraining or abstaining from smoking but using the dilution method i get tested for probation observed but not extremely closely about 2-3 times a month. Ive been smoking heavily for the past 3 years everyday multiple times a day lof some usually pretty dank buds not primo medicinal but definitely not mids. Im about 5'9 125 lbs bmi of 18.5 and am planning on starting a workout regimen that includes creatine monohydrate, also any thoughts on using the wizclear synthetic urine subbing device? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  20. If you read through some of my previous posts here, you'll see that the dilution method is about to go the way of the dinosaur when the new test cup hits in June. This new cup tests for pH, Creatinine and Specific gravity right in the cup. So no more fooling the drug screen.
    As for using the Clean Wiz urine device it is just one more knock off, copy cat device designed on the Whizzinator platform. Do not use this for an observed test!!

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