Urine test????????

Discussion in 'General' started by benisulah, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. okay so apologize if i am posting this wrong or in the wrong place but i just started this thing. I'm freaking out because i was charged with underage consumption and possession of alcohol. nothing to do with pot. I have to take drug and alcohol counseling but will i be drug tested? Ive smoked almost every day for 3 years and i just don't want to stop. especially if today is 420.
  2. Fairly sure this will be removed because you're under age.

    Usually I'd give advice on how to get away with this, but given that you're under age I'd say it's probably best if you stop using drugs.
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  3. Pretty much as the previous poster said. Wait till your off the counseling thing to really start back up. But if you are underaged ID wait anyway.

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