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Urine Test Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Reesesaddict, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. How can I pass a urine test this coming Monday? If there a detox that can work? If not I'm just going to drink loads of water.
  2. I use water for 2 years and never failed.I start drinking water late night and through out the morning once you start pissing clear u can take a multi vitamin to get some color in your pee and just slowly drink on the way to the test and you should be find,All together I drank about a gallon in a half for each test ,also these were probation test so they did panel testing ,
  3. What kind of multi vitamins and how long do I need to take them for?
  4. after you start pissing clear just take a multi vitamin just one should be fine,it ll turn your piss yellowish which is better then pissing clear that could set off flags ,It s pretty easy and you should be good to go .Is it a panel test or lab.There are other tricks bringing in clean piss but you d have to keep it warm.
  5. It is a lab test. I am fairly sure they watch me so idk about that. But thank you!!! I really appreciate it!
  6. I ll do some research ,I d still do the water if you have no other options
    GOOD LUCK I hope u pass

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