Urine Sex Test???!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Unknown, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Someone I knew told me that my sisters piss wont work at my drop because they can detect the sex of the urine...is this true? I haven't heard of it before....shit, this sucks...
  2. "Does the drug testing site test for the age or gender of the sample?

    Answer: There is currently no testing done to determine the age of the sample given. Drug testing does not check for gender either. Any product that claims they will sell you specific gender is using it as a gimmick to charge you more.

    There is a visual check done for a normal appearance, and a temperature check as well. Adulteration checks are done on samples by most labs. A sample will be immediately rejected, before the actual drug test is even done, if it contains a foreign substance or abnormal levels of creatinine, nitrates, or ph. Other chemical checks are done to the urine as well. Our urine samples will pass both adulterant and drug testing alike."


    I don't know anything about this site as far as ordering goes but they sell urine cheaper than most...$35, I think.

    I had always heard that you had to have pee from a chick if you were a chick or from a dude if you were a dude...apparently, that isn't true. :)
  3. All I know is I have a friend who gave his job a sample of his wifes urine and about a week later his boss came up to him and said "Congradulations your pregnant and by the way your also fired"

  4. hahaha

    no offense to your friend but that's pretty damn funny

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