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Urine drug test observation?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Walddo, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, just a quick question regarding a urine drug test and if it will be observed or not.

    I'm enrolled in a substance abuse class because of a DUI and this place is a behavioral clinic. Ran by doctors and physicians. I ask because in order to complete the program, you have to pass a piss test.

    Obviously I'm clean for everything but maryjane. Now my question is this, do you guys think this will be an observed test if I've given them no probable cause? This isn't a state agency, isn't ran by probation officers, law enforcement authorities of any kind.

    Because obviously, if it isn't observed I can just sub and be good. I'm just curious if you guys think a behavioral clinic where people go for counseling and therapy would actually try and observe a drug test. My gut is they will just say "empty your pockets, now go in that bathroom and piss in the cup"

    Does anyone know if it's even legal to observe a drug test that isn't ran by a law agency and you haven't given any reason to suspect foul play? I know pre-employment tests are never observed unless you give them reason, but this kinda falls in a gray area between probation testing and pre-employment testing.

    Any ideas would be fantastic, thanks a lot guys.
  2. Yes, it is legal to observe your pee sample. being given. You would sign a consent form that grants the requestor the right to do a "Line of Sight" observation. The requestor would stand on the side of you, positioned waist-high (no pun intended), and observe the urine flow, while holding an opaque plackard between them and you. If you refuse to grant "line of sight", then they will assume you are 'pos'; or choose to conduct a 'hair follicular test"--which you would never pass without some very cumbersome interventionary procedures--which have been thoroughly explained in numerous posts on this site.

    But I'm curious: if you are on a probation for a DUI, then why on God's green earth (no pun intended) are you still using this drug?? Please explain why ?!
  3. I appreciate the explanation of how an observation would go. In your opinion would a private behavioral specialist observe the drug test?(when I've given them no reason to believe I smoke)

    To answer your question, even though it doesn't matter at this point, the DUI occurred sleeping In my car well over a year ago. I didn't smoke all the time and take breaks before PO visits. I'm well aware it wasn't wise to smoke this soon.

    Again this is not a test for Probation, just a condition of being released early on probation. Just like the condition of community service and so forth. And I appreciate you answering the legality of it, though I wonder if that's state by state. Again, any insight to the likelihood that a 3rd party clinic would observe would be awesome. Thanks.
  4. so then it is court ordered! If its a condition and its court ordered then odds are they will watch, but that doesnt mean anything. Ive sub during line of sight. Truthfully the people arnt as eager to watch you do your business as you think they are. more often then not they are just simply in the room. Ive done this successfully 12 time while on probation and takin UA's under the courthouse. Start pissing as they usually advise you use the "middle" of your stream, then after the initial steam do your thing and swap the sub! Ive also used another persons urine that was in custody with me while both in jail. If you want it bad enough you will make it happen!
  5. See, that's what I was trying to be clear of. There are some people enrolled in this that don't even have DUI's. Some are ordered by their job, so it's not like this company is tied to the court system or probation office.

    And I agree about people not being eager to see your junk,having had experience actually being the observer in the military I know damn well I stood behind the tester, but wasnt eager to actually see the stream.

    So understanding that this place is completely unconnected to the courts, would it be likely that it'll be observed?

    I literally can't find any examples of this situation. Everyone just writes about pre-employment tests or probation tests. Not just a 3rd party health clinic and if they were observed or not.

    May I add, they did say a cost was associated with the test if that gives any more clues.

    Thanks again guys, truly appreciate all the feedback.
  6. i had been ordered to take classes but at a place of my choice. The two never had contact with one another, i played middle man. bring paper work back to court to show i was complying. Had to pay for classes and test. im not understanding what your sayin.. Unless your pissing in the courthouse, they are all 3rd party tests.
  7. Haha sorry bro. Let me clarify, by 3rd party I just meant in not taking the test at a jail, probation office.

    And yes I was just told to pick a company too that does the program, I have no idea how you pulled off getting the completion certificate to show your po.

    But yah it's just a private company, they don't do randoms or even bring up drug testing. You just pay $25 for a group session sit and talk about whatever, do that 16 times and then go for the exit interview where they give the drug test.

    They are already super laid back in terms of being late to sessions, or missing them, giving extensions and so forth. So that's why I kinda feel like it won't be observed, but I've never been in this situation before. Hope that clarifies and paints the picture a little better so you fine people can give their opinion!
  8. theres gotta be someone in there thats been though it before. Statistics dont lie! lol
    And as for my situation, i simply told me PO that for 1, it wasnt fair for my family to suffer because im takin money from them to do these classes 4 days a week at $20 a class. My family did no wrong and already suffered with me while i was in prison. I then told him that i had smoked before my case, while in the county, while in prison, and i would continue to smoke while on probation. So if he seen the need to send me back to max out my parole, then so be it. I was never asked to take another class, or UA again, and completed parole without incident.
  9. Wow, that's definitely a heavier situation and I know what you mean about asking someone else. Problem is, with the people that go to the class, it's different people every time and once they have taken the drug test, they never come back. Add to the fact I don't wanna blow my cover, because I present myself as a goodie two shoes, I wear my dress clothes commonly to classes,it's the same image I've had with my probation officer and she's never once tested me because of that and even let me mail in. She's given me this month and next to mail in because she knows this is the last step to completing everything. Because while I'd love to post pone the test ( which I can do), I want her to get this completion certificate so she can file the release paperwork( I'm supposed to get off in August).

    Sorry to rant, but yah, that's also a reason I've smoked is because I'm mailing in for probation and really didn't think this clinic would observe.

    I also thought I'd give myself more time, so I'm not freaking out but anyone's personal experience and expertise would def be appreciated.

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