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Urine Drug Test in 4 weeks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheJuice95, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. I'm fairly new to this but I've been reading a lot of the forums on the site on the subject. I have pre placement medical and a urinalysis test coming up in approx. 4 weeks and wanted to figure out the chances I've got to pass it by dilution. I'm 20yrs old, 6'3", and 240lbs, little overweight but still active. I have been smoking maybe 3-4 times a week on average with friends for the past 7 months so maybe the equivalent to a bowl or two on those days. I'm thinking of subbing since it seems like it's hit or miss when it comes to these things. What are your opinions on the matter? Should I risk subbing with clean urine or take the chance on using my own?
    Thanks for all the help.
  2. No stop smoking ASAP, drink hella water, and run a lot to burn water fat. Then walk in, take the test, pass and smoke a victory bowl
  3. Will you know the date ahead of time? or will you be in class and they tell you get up now we have to go take the test? also do you know if this will be done through being sent to a lab?

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