Urine as Fertilizer?

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  1. So my plant is currently at day 11 of flowering. She is definitely a female, but I have been on a budget so I haven't used any nutes what so ever her entire life. I've been looking more and more into natural nutes that I can make at home but as I said I am on a budget and even these nutes require things that cost money.

    Then I discovered this: Using Urine As a Fertilizer

    At first I was like Wtf, but after reading more and more I got intrigued. I wonder, would diet or personal health, etc affect this? I am willing to start trying it for free nutes during the flower stage for the time being.

    Eventually I would plan on getting real nutes for future grows, but I have one mroe month of off season left from work so gotta do what I gotta do.

    Anyone have any experience doing this themselves? I don't want to try it then kill my plant or something.
  2. I wouldn't eat food that had been watered with human waste, so I definitely wouldn't put something like that in my lungs either. Goodluck
  3. Normally I'd agree, but we eat plenty of food and smoke plenty of tobacco etc of stuff that has been fertilized with compost, rotten stuff, animal waste, etc. For some odd reason nature felt compelled to make the best fertilizers be organic waste products.
  4. You can't use your own pee as the plants are accompanied by the resins you've itnotxiated by touching the stipules.

    You'll need a source from someone who has the right NPK. Id suggest myself but I wouldn't want to self advertise. Seeing as you want only the best, I can only suggest using my personal freeze dried granulated organic piss. Cold pressed, to maximize nutrient uptake. PM me for a couple samples with full purchase.
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  5. Lol Ok, I'll go ahead and take a bottle of snake oil too.
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  6. You can use chicken shit as fertilizer on a low budget, I don't see a big problem with that (although not ideal) but I wouldn't even consider pissing on a plant for fertilizer. Even just the act is disrespectful to such a lovely plant.
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  7. Ahh the snake oil is a good sale. I'd advise against using your piss, even diluted.
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  8. Big difference in human waste vs. compost. But maybe I'm just a prude. I'm not a big fan of exchanging other bodily fluids either. I heard period blood works wonders, maybe give that a go as well?
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  9. Despite the gross or whatever aspect of it, everything I have read thus far seems to say it works perfectly fine if you dilute it properly. Still not sure if I want to do it or not though, but I only have one plant and I'd like to get as much personal from it as possible so the idea of experimenting with it is tempting.
  10. There are many nutrients out their that utilize urea nitrogen. I mean in theory all plants know is npk and micronutrients. Lol. Npk on a 1/10 dilution I read somewhere is like 10-10-10 on human urine. But either way I rather just buy the specific values that have scientific analysis.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
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  11. That is what I read as well. If it wasn't for my budget situation I would just buy Fox Bloom or equivalent proper nutes, but in the mean time it seems like a cheap and efficient way to provide that NPK while it blooms.
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  12. Urine is fine to use but why? Fish hydrolysate isn't that expensive. Human urine has an npk of 11-3-2 depending.
  13. Sweet! Thank you buddy!

    Here in two weeks I'll be making plenty of money again so I can finally afford the best nutes. Looking forward to it! Its nice having Summers off but not for the budget books.
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  14. Nice collection of links. I considered organics for my next grow, thank you!
  15. Urine has too many variables considering the pharmacuticals today but there are a few companies trying to make a go at it. Nitrogen cost water treatment plants about $150 per pound to get rid of, so there is an incentive to try.

    Here is one.
    Rich Earth Institute
  16. dude you are killing me
  17. could always drop a chop on em too.
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  18. Maybe I'll just start chucking severed heads in there.
    Couple babies.

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