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  1. Ooooook. SO I'm out with one of my guy friends last night smokin, ya know, just chillin. We ha plans to go see "queen of the damned" cause I LOVE vampire movies. I duno why-but we just had to go. Well, we get to the thaeater and i have to pee really really really bad cause all the qater i drank when we were smoking. So we get inside the tharer and I run into the bathroom as fast as i can. ALl of a sudden i look around and see abunch of urinals. I was in the MEN'S ROOM. " Oh SHIT" I yelled and ran out. I don't think n e 1 was insiide the bathroom, but a shitload of people were staring at me as i ran outside of it. I just bolted into the women's as fast as I could. Next time, i think I'll check the signs more carefully; and ya know they really shouldn't put the doors RIGHT NEXT to eachother damnit. OH well. At least the movie kicked ass
  2. i was driving back from LA on saturday and my blatter is full so i stop at a gas station on the high way it's like 4:00 am
    and the men's bath room is out of order but the womans room is open so i run in to take a quick piss and there is a female state trooper washing her hands funny thing is i was a little high so i just ignore her and hit the stall ...she is there when i leave and just laughs at me ...thang god i had a blunt still lite in the car...
  3. Good god thankfully i pee in the designated correct place. =)

  4. I was just thinking about this situation at work the other day, because I go on auto-pilot when i bee-line for the bathroom...
    One of these days, I figure I'll sit my fat ass on a urinal and go "gee this seat is small.... WTF?!"

    Sorry this happened to you tho Jada! Have you read the Vampire Chronicles at all? They're good books! I haven't seen Queen of the Damned, is it good??
  5. Man dude, thats crazy
  6. Ya know, i haven't read the vampire chronicles. I'll have to check em out tho. And the movie had some wierd storyline to it, but it was really good!!! Ya gotta go see it!!
  7. the books are really good, interview w/ the vampire, the vampire lestat & queen of the damned are the ones i have read and they're all very WEIRD(ANNE RICE is very WEIRD herself) so it doesn't suprise me to hear that the movie is weird :D
    i'm gonna have to check the movie out!
  8. ehh, don't sweat it, men don't mind women in the bathroom... well atleast I reall ydon't give a shit.
  9. yea...it gives us a chance to show off our stuff WITHOUT being arrested
  10. this one time at band camp...
  11. ...I stuck a tuba up my pussy
  12. HOLY CRAP!!........no fat chicks...(walks away)
  13. lol
    I think I'm the only person who didn't like American Pie2

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