Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. damn this quittin stuff is harder than you would think. i'm jus chillin here, i was supposed to go to this party n gettin drigh (drunk and high) but since my dad no longer has any trust in me he wants me home by 10! whack as hell. anytime i leave he thinks i'm gonna go steal some shit or get high. i wanna jus go get some pills n chill at my house tonight trippin the night away. gotta hold back. damn wheres the homies when i need some moral support. oh thats right they chillin gettin fucked up. damn.
  2. eh i'm to broke to even afford gas to get anywhere i feel your pain
  3. god damn theres so much controversy goin on right now in my life i seriously need to get high i cant take it. ahhhhh!
    damn wheres weed when i need it
  4. yesterday and today is the first days I have not smoked pot in 4 years.
    but I am happy.
  5. i ran outa job and cash so eh no weed for a while(though i kick just as much ass sober lol) and yah weed clears the head..of well everything usually lol leaves room to ponder the deep and hidden things of life...hang in there guys =)

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