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  1. Aight so i just took a hit of e less then ten minutes ago, completly forgetting that a lil more then half hour before that i took 2 tylenols for a headache... was this a bad idea to take e after taking a couple tylenol?

    also the pill i took was soo fuckin sour it was like putting lemon juice on my tongue... is that a good thing?
  2. It should be fine.

    Also no sour isn't really a good thing. MDMA generally tastes very bitter to me.
  3. well yeh ^ thats what i meant it was liek sucking on a grap fruit peel
  4. okay so its been almost an hour and i dont realy feel shit.. wtf!
  5. just wait man it should hit anytime soon
  6. Relax man, let it work. lol
  7. yup... i think i may have spoke to soon:D
  8. the fuck you did..... have fun! lucky bastard and you're fine. the acetaminophen in the tylenol won't bother the mdma or your body so it's all good ;)
  9. you should be golden.. enjoy! :wave:
  10. thanks for the replies, and yeh im probaly bout midway through coming up but its startin to feel good, im gonna pop this orange batman in a bit lol,

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