Discussion in 'General' started by keifmastachief, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. does salvia come up on a pee test?
  2. Is it even illegal where you live? And I'm pretty sure they don't have tests for it(yet)

    EDIT: also next time please post the thread in the proper forum. Descriptions of what goes in each forum can be found here;
  3. cmon qwuick quick quick!!!!!!plz
  4. They dont test for it.
  5. Its not Illegal
  6. Plus i'm pretty sure it is legal almost worldwide.
  7. whoa haha dont wet yaself u wont have any left for the test lol :p
  8. it'd be pretty fun if he DID live where it was illegal and they DID test for it.... that'd be some badass irony

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