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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wrestler20, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Smells like pussy

  2. was just a question i was wondering what they would do....
  3. yur def not over 18 lol
  4. Is this a real question?
    You said he's in your class, just wait and see him then. if he doesnt get it back, go get it yourself. Snitches get Stitches.

  5. Cops cant do anything if you've been smoking, only if you've got it on you, at least that's how it is in merry olde England.
  6. 1) this is in now way 'urgent'
    2) are you fuckin 6 years old?
    3) he stole something of yours, it comes down to, are you going to be a man or a bitch? right now your being bitch, sitting on your ass asking your friends and an internt forum on how to rat him out, get off your fuckin fat ass, man the fuck up, and go beat the shit out of him until bike is returned, that simple.
  7. The bike is gone. Give up. Razorblades are in the medicine cabinet.
  8. Perhaps ask him?
  9. Just call his house and tell his mom you want your bike back. You sound about 15-16 and some kid that age stole my bowl and i just called his mom and told her i wanted it back. She returned it 20 minutes later and made her son apologize to me. But seriously if you want him in trouble and you want your bike back just call his mom.

  10. I agree. Beat that ass.
  11. sober up and then kick the shit out of him. literally just walk up and kick him in the face repeatedly.
  12. Rat him out or beat his ass. ;)
  13. Op is not 18 , Op is underpowered and cant fight obviously, Op is scared of getting snitched on to his parents for smoking

    Op needs to let his balls drop , and straight up rock the kid in class tomorrow and when he falls kick him in the head till someone stops you
  14. #34 takemehome, Mar 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2012
    if I was you I would just find him alone somewhere and put him on the ground. you don't have to beat the living shit out of him. throw him to the ground and tell him you want your bike back. tell him he's gonna have a problem every single time he sees you until you get it back]

    BTW it doesn't matter if you like fighting or not this is about respecting yourself dude you don't have to be cruel but you need to get back your own bike.
  15. try to figure out where he lives and steal shit from him. if you see him after school fight him(not worth it fighting in school.....for a bike). tell him to fight you after school. like i said, dont do shit in school, because of a bike.
  16. Lol just walk up in your classroom n be lie " you best start recognizen foo . Check yo slef n BAM! That's for stealin my hufyy busta!
  17. fixed
  18. [ame][/ame]

    OP is Red and the kid that took the bike is Deebo.

    for real though, don't snitch. just ask for it back and if not get your crew and fuck him up.
  19. Beat him down and get it back.

    Reminds me of when some kid jacked my bike back in middle school. Didn't know who it was and it turned out to be this poor tweaker kid who rode by my house at 9:00 am I was asleep but my friend was at by house and ran over and just pulled the bike out from under him and ran. Was mad I wasn't awake he would've got a beat down. The guy called the cops on me and got his self arrested.

    Seriously though fight him and get it back or just ask and see if he might just give it back, if that works that will be surprising.
  20. Beat the piss out of him. Call the cops? Maybe it's just where I grew up but if it's not serious (i.e. Murder) handle your own business.

    Fuck him up until he doesn't know his own name. (Maybe that's a little too far but you get the point..)

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