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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wrestler20, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. so i was smoking with this one kid i kinda know like hes in my class and i know his name but like i dont know his number and where he lives stole my bike and i was talking to some people and they said i should really rat him out and get him caught but idk if he has anything on him atm so what would i say? should i do it? and how would i go about doing it, im to high right now right me a script "P thanks this is really urgent
  2. Wait until you're sober to do anything. You'll figure it out.
  3. He stole your bike? What is this, 4th grade?
  4. why would you rat him out? just wait till you see him again and kick his ass then let him know your going to kick his ass everytime you see him till you get your bike back.
  5. still need a yes or no answer no one really likes him anyway and i dont really feel like fighting
  6. I can't stop laughing at this.
  7. if you're a wrestler. wrastle for it or steal it back! The people that told you to rat on him deserve stitches.
  8. i really do not like snitches but i thought since they all said they would i thought i was just like being over reactive
  9. if you call the cops to report your bike being stolen, tell them i believe this person stole my bike its a (insert description of bike here) and you can find the guy at (insert jackasses address here)
  10. Maybe he's too high to realize it's not his bike.
  11. Just talk to him and tell him see why the fuck he took your bike, you sure he didn't ask you if he could borrow it? Then if he doesnt give it back report him and tell him you know who stole it. Have the cops deal with him, dont say anyhting bout tree just say this kid stole your bike..

  12. he didnt have a bike
  13. Have you tried asking for it back?
  14. You go to school with him, hes in your class and he steals your bike. Either your the school pussy or he's the school retard. If you think you can take him administer a beat down if not, then call the police.
  15. I don't know whats so difficult about this..if he stole your bike and he has it, you call the cops. You might get it back the same day

  16. he always does this and no one really likes him i was gonna fight him but people are just like naw he needs to get caught
  17. well we're talking about a bike, not a car. find out where he lives and just go in the garage and get it or tell his mom, she should punish him better than anyone else if she thought her child was a thief.

    how do you smoke with someone and they just ride off with your bike??

  18. But even if i do call the cops i dont want them to know who i am really incase he snitches and tells them ive been smoking then they know who i am

  19. I was inside i left my bike outside alone and when he left he took it

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