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  1. diesel ryder in soil
    week 3 of flower
    no nutes
    temps 75-80
    humidity 35-45
    watered when dry with tap water sitting out open between waterings

    started yellow spots
    spots turned brown
    leave turned yellow
    now leaves drying and curling

    i have no pH meter and theres nowhere to buy locally
    so i need advice on what to do while i dont have one

    also recommendations for a cheap meter under $30 would be great

    please help :(

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  2. Why aren't you using flowering nutes? A certain amount of yellowing/dying leaves is normal in flowering. From your pics, it looks like only a few leaves are affected, versus the entire plant. I wouldn't be too concerned at this point, its almost over. Adding a dose of flowering nutes might help some, but make sure you add only clean water for the last week to 10 days before harvest. And don't be too concerned about Ph either in a soil grow. A Ph problem would affect the entire plant, not just a few leaves.
  3. i know that a few leaves doing it are normal
    but not the ones at the top
    and its spreading to other leaves, those two are just the worse
  4. Tim already asked...why no nutes? Feed those ladies! I'd top dress with dolomite lime too...
  5. This late in flower i would try some molasses instead of a heavy nute. start with the molasses at 1 tbsp per gallon.. you can feed this till you pull them just be sure and rinse after your grow if you will be using the same pots or feeder system for your next grow..
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    crap, i misread a lot of tims post earlier

    but... i just picked up some bloom booster and am gonna start using it next watering

    i went no nutes because it was my first grow and wanted to get some general experience before getting "advanced" and risking nute burn n such

    but this past day of research has enlightened me to the fact that the potting mix i had included nutrients and now that their all used up, my girls have none

    so, i should start with the bloom booster then?
    also whats the dolomite lime all about?

    thanks guys

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