URGENT severe storms in my area affecting crop

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  1. Are they safe? It's been storming for he last 4 days with heavy rain and winds. I know she is loving the fresh rainwater As she looks healthier as far as color. I'm worried about damaging winds. Should I try to get it out of the rain. Probably 2 weeks shy of harvest time. All my others are already dry and cured. She was just a late bloomer. This is my first time outdoors. I've been shaking the water off the buds and I have her tied tightly due to the winds. Should I be worried? The pictures are from a couple weeks ago. She was supposed to be an autoflowers so I didn't top or lst. Kinda lame but oh well

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  2. You must be in Tennessee, it's been raining for days now and the wind is suppose to reach 60mph. I would bring them babies in and put them under some light.
  3. I'm actually in Illinois, just moved from kentucky (newly legalized :D, I'm one of the first) but we have tornado warnings all day today lol, I love some good storms, but my plants dont. Inside isn't really an option as she's now about 7 ft tall. I have barns though lol thanks for the tip I'm going to,move her now.
    Goodluck and be safe blade!
  5. Your biggest concern now is probably Bud rot. If you can put fans on it or a portable leaf blower even if you can't move it inside, you might save those buds. Best outcome is to move it inside and put fans on it. Plus check for bud rot. if you have it you have to remove the affected part from the rest of the bud. Good luck!
  6. thanks for the tip. Fortunately for me the wind has been blowing non stop when it isn't raining. I moved her to a shed with plenty of,Windows. Just for today. When I went out to,move her, the whole tub had been blown over :/ again. Where I'm at, fall is storm season. I guess outdoor grows don't suit well here

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