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  1. I was caught smoking pot in my car at work on my break is my supervisor going to watch me pee at the lab tomorrow? From Illinois
  2. Depends I guess. I've been sent to the immediate care for whiz quizzes and the nurses never watched. But a friend of mines job they did their testing "in house" and some security dude watched him
  3. Im at an urgent care center tomorrow
  4. But why is dude at corporate saying my supervisor will be meeting me there to validate the test?
  5. There's no real way to tell in all honesty. They probably won't be staring at your junk while you do it, but make sure you pee more than once before you take your test because the first piss of the day is the dirtiest. And the longer the urine stays in your blatter, the more "contaminated" it will get. When I needed to pass tests I would take epsom salt baths, drink lots of water, eat lots of foods that are easily digestible like fruits and veggies and natural stuff because (at least I believe) your body can put more focus into detoxing itself and not digesting. Every persons metabolism is different and that's one of the bigger factors to consider. But you are also on VERY short notice. Maybe fake piss? Assuming they won't be watching you pee. But if that's not an option, start your "stream" in the toilet/urinal THEN move the cup under it, pray they use a shitty wal mart test that's wrong half the time and hope for the best. I got my fingers crossed for you, short notice tests are not bueno
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  6. She can't watch me pee???
  7. just take detox from GNC
  8. You need to start looking for job applications.
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  9. If syntetic urine is out of the question, then i would go this route; detox, lots of water, fruit pectin and lots of water.

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  10. Wait so they caught you smoking and is gonna test you the next day?
  11. You're fired. The test is just a technicality.
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  12. Not a smart move if that's your kid in your avatar. The only hope you have is using your kids piss but that is going to be a weird memory for your kid. You fucked up.
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  13. This one right here
    They have you and need the test results to fire you
    Makes it all legal and such
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  14. I have quick fix on me
  15. But my supervisor is here
  16. I already
  17. Have you taken the test now? Get your supervisor to hold your dick, might as well get some pomposity out of a bad situation.
  18. Not yet stalling
  19. so did you lose your job?
  20. why would only thing to do be use ur kids piss?? do you think they check DNA or something? the bottle might have a thing that checks the tempature. that's the way they ketch ppl fucking around with urine tests. I was on parole for a while and had to do urine tests

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