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Urgent question Hotbox and turning on the shower fan..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ModernH:pie, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. I think I'm just paranoid cause i smoked some dank...
    If i hotbox the bathroom and then turned on the shower fan, would the smoke spread through the vents and into the house, getting everyone high?
    :eek:  :eek:  :confused_2:

  2. yes everyone in  your house is now under the influence of marijuanas, way to go.. time to get the house quarantined 
  3. If you can just smoke outside, find a good spot, hell, go to the garage and smoke your bowl quick. When you're done spray some ozium in the air and a little on your clothes, you certainly won't smell like pot ozium works wonders. If you insist on smoking inside, the most you can do is put a towel under the door, get the room steaming hot with shower on, smoke the bowl quickly (within a few minutes, the faster the better), and blow the smoke into the fan (the fan turned on obviously) through a sploof (empty toilet paper roll with scented dryer sheets, 4 or 5 inside), and then give the room a good spray with ozium. A few coats of ozium in the air should work. A few sprays in the air, wait a minute, then more sprays, repeat. Then turn off shower, let the fan run and now you will reduce the risk of burning marijuana smell. This works well in apartments as well.
  4. holy cow thats a lot of work, i did it in a hotel room, steaming hot shower is more than enough, couple minutes of that plus blow it all into the fan, preferably on the top floor of your house so it goes right outside the house.

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