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Urgent question about marijuana possession

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BEASTBRO, May 18, 2010.

  1. I've started this thread out of concern for my girlfriend, who has recently (recently meaning like earlier tonight) been caught with some bud, in a car.

    the scenario:

    My girlfriend(19) was riding backseat while my good friend(18) was driving, and there was a minor (16) in the passenger seat. the driver had one unpaid ticket in another nearby city. They pulled out of the gas station and the cop, who was also pulling out, followed. they noticed, and not long after got pulled over.
    In the car, there was a loaded bowl of some niiiiice homegrown dank in the concealed cup holder, along with a grinder. My girlfriend around 1.5g in a little glass container in her purse, along with a pipe and another hidden bag of some bud. The 16 yr old had a backpack with a piece and a gram in the pocket.

    as expected, the officer proceeded to search the car and found all of this stuff (except one hidden bag of bud (HAHAHA). The cops were EXTREMELY interested in who the bud was bought from from the beginning, though they all claimed their dealer had gone to jail, which he had, and they got it from "some guy at a party". anyway, the 16 yr old got no charges, the cop made him break his pipe and crush his weed, and his parents picked him up. the driver went to jail for the unpaid ticket, he'll probably be okay, seeing as how he wasn't charged with any possession as of yet.

    Now, here's the part i'm so concerned about:
    They told my gf they could charge her with possession, paraphernalia, or a CLASS B FELONY FOR MAKING MARIJUANA AVAILABLE TO A MINOR. she is already on probation for theft from walmart for 9 months, which she just started. They knew this and had sufficient evidence to arrest her on the spot, but they didn't. instead, the officer made her break the pipe and crush the bud, and gave back the glass container with kief in it and the grinder. he asked if she was willing to give him names of major ex and coke dealers around town, and she of course said yes to get out of trouble. he gave her 3 detective's numbers, and said she has until wednesday to call one of them and give sufficient information/names on the dealers, or he would prosecute her.

    now, this all makes no sense to me.

    1.Can they do ANYTHING at all about any of this with all evidence destroyed, and no citation given or papers signed?

    2.what should she do? our first concern is her staying out of trouble. fuck some drug dealers if it means my gf is safe from the law. fake names? real names? no names at all? main question: ...

    what's gonna happen to my girlfriend?
  2. what state are we talking about here?
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    She needs a lawyer, ASAP.Are they going to stop with names, or pressure her into something else?
    Remember Rachel Hoffman

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    This. It always amazes me when people ask for legal advice here. Her only hope is to a) flip on dealers (hope she doesn't) or b) get a good attorney and fight it or make a deal.

    Don't go to random stoners on the 'net for legal advice. Seriously.

    I will say though that is she's on probation for theft things are looking very bleak for her. Unless a lawyer can find some technicality she may be facing some time.
  5. There's a LOT missing here.

    First off why did you get pulled over? You don't get stopped for an unpaid ticket, the driver was doing something stupid or acting sketchy.

    Why did you get searched? Again, if it was something as simple as an unpaid ticket, you guys either gave them a reason to search you or you allowed them to illegally search you.

    Either way, the whole thing sounds like a huge scare tactic to me. They broke some of the evidence and gave her back the rest, on what grounds can they arrest her for in the future?

    IMO, they're full of shit and you should throw out those detectives cards. Better to be at the ass end of government justice than street justice.
  6. I am 19 yo and have been arested for possesion several times. if she isnt in trouble now then theres a good chance shes good. If she were to be arrested for possesion it would have to be on the spot. they can not come back and arrest you after the fact. IMO they were using scare tactics because it sounds like they searched illegally. Ive been pulled over shortly after smoking a blunt and i did not give concent to search and the cop let me go. Its all about concent. The cop is only allowed by law to search your person, anything left in the car would need a warrent or probable cause. Again the story is missing some key details, but if she was able to return home then she is ok. Possesion of a substance is illegal, and distubuting it to a minor is a scare tactic. if you have to flip on your dealer always say that you only know their first name and that they met you at a local store, this will not give the cops enough info to get a warrent. Bottom Line is dont get pulled over. Thats the only way to stay out of a situation like this. If your girl truely is on prob for theft then shes lucky. If she did not return home with a couple sitations or anything papers in general then she is fine. Unless you live in a small town where cops have nothing better to do, they will in most cases have something better to do then come back to scoop her for simple possession of a class D
  7. Frankly if she is on probation already and was still driving around dirty I have a hard time feeling sorry for her. It's unfortunate that cannabis is illegal, but it IS still illegal and why anyone would risk their freedom over bud is beyond me.
  8. Talk to a lawyer immediately. He will be able to answer you questions much better than any of us.
  9. That's not even a little bit true. They can wait quite awhile to formally arrest her. That's what statutes of limitations are for. They vary by location.

    Example: a guy I used to know got busted with a few ounces and they made no arrest. Almost two years later they came and picked him up, just before the statute of limitations came up. Now, he had other charges pending so it's not quite the same situation, but it is common for them to wait if they think they can lean on someone.

  10. Well, I'm in mckinney Texas. Which sucks. Small town, cops are bored assholes. We were pulled over because in Texas they can run your plates from a police car, and my friend had a warrant in Allen for an unpaid ticket like I said. He gave consent to the search and the reason of suspicion was the strong odor of bud coming from the car. His car smells like a fat blunt. All the time. Anyway, I'm getting mixed info here. I really can't bring myself to understand how she could be charged later when all evidence is Long gone.

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