Urgent! plants on deaths door

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  1. Hello,

    For starters, thanks for reading this, because it means your trying to help. So heres the situation. This is my first grow, I've got a closet set up with a 400w HPS, a small hole cut in the wall by the ceiling, with a fan blowing air out. I also have an oscillating fan on the floor by the plants. Unfortuantly I can't seem to get my temperature down past 90. I'm still working on that one, however the real problem is this. I have 5 plants growing, when I initially planted them, I only had 3 pots, so there were 2 in 2 and 1 in 1. Anyhow, it has been four weeks, and though they don't look great, they weren't looking to bad either. (curled up leaves on 2 i think due to the heat, as well as some yellowing of lower leaves that i have attributed to Mg difficiency.) Today I picked up some more 3 gal pots and nutes for them. I got two translanted, however it didn't go over as smoothly as I had hoped, and they began to look very saggy and lifeless. It has now been to hours, and it already looks like they may be dead by the end of the night. I'm wondering if there is anything I should do for them, and based of the fact that i have 2 other plants together, (too close might I add) should I continue to transplant the other 2, or leave them in a single container? I'm really worried about my babies, so any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, mrprickleypete

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  2. probably not a good idea to give your name out when your stating that your growing pot.
  3. Good call, but do you have any suggestions?
  4. definatly make the hole for that fan bigger. Its choking it if i cant get enough air through.
  5. what about the transplanted plants though? is there anything I can do to salvage them? You may be right about the hole, however, before i transplanted the two plants they were seeming happy and healthy.
  6. When I had a fan blowing in, my temps were higher than they are now with just an outtake fan.

    For me, the intake fan was just mixing the air and not letting the hot air rise. Try removing the intake fan, and just leave the hole. Put the stronger fan up on top and see if that helps the temps.

    Good luck.
  7. HIGH All, what type of soil is that? It looks pretty dry, did you water it after transplanting?
  8. Ok, in reponse, i do not have an intake fan, I only have an outtake fan, that pic was taken when i was using the fan to push air in, i realized quickly that your right, it just keeps the room cirulating hot stale air. Now that fan is pulling air out. I spent the last half hour really working on outtake hole, the fan is now pulling out even more hot air, so that is pretty cool i think for now. To the other question about my soil, I am using Fox Farm Organic Ocean Forest, and I just started using Fox Farm Nutes, Big Bloom, Big Grow, and Tiger Bloom. I did water after the transplant, but not very much, maybe about a half quart per plant + big bloom and big grow.
  9. you need to give them a good soaking after transplanting ... till the water runs out the drainage holes. also, they look too young for strong nutes .... are you giving them 1/4 strength? perhaps some liquid karma would help.
  10. I gave them nutes based on the chart given to me with the fox farm nutes. the reason I started was do to what i thought was a Mg diffeciency, check out the yellow leaf pics again, thanks for your help. the more tips the better everyone, thanks, keep em coming.
  11. UPDATE: one of the two plants is starting to make a recovery, however now her leaves are starting to feel very dry. I have fed her even more water, as I was instructed last night, so I am pretty hesitant to add more water or nutes right now. any suggestions? should I transplant the other two?
  12. I had a similar problem with the leaves becoming yellow after transplant and crispy in some spots like burnt almost. I checked the PH and it was 7 so I bought some nitrogen. Point is maybe u ought to check ur ph
  13. First off you need to get them all in their own pot/bucket. The two you have together are going to become rootbound together and die.
    Do you have holes in the bottom of the buckets to let out water?
    They look under watered. If the soil is dry they need watered.
  14. get the two separated ... and into black or green pots, stay away from the translucent containers.
  15. Thanks for the advice. Should I top my plant at some point, and/ or trim the leaves?
  16. Also, next time, fill your pots all the way up with soil. You are wasting valuable pot space with the soil that low down. Do not trim anything while they are so vulnerable. The plants are already having trouble and trimming them would just add more stress and could throw them over the edge, between life and death.

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