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Urgent: Percocet look-alikes

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tycon69, May 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, my mom just found my percocets and assumed that I was holding them for my grandma. They were in a bottle and hidden in his drawer. My mom trusts me so she believed I was keeping them for her and she put them on the counter in the kitchen. They are sitting there and she is asleep and swim does not know if she will take them tomorrow morning or not. I want to run to walmart and find a pill that looks like them to replace them in the bottle. They are generic 5-325's. They are yellowish and have a 512 on the back. I don't believe she looked over the pills hard, but I want to find a pill that looks like them to replace them so I can keep them for MY own. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!!
  2. Dude... what the hell is swim... you goin out to the lake? the ocean? the pool?

    and second off... just throw some damn tylenol in the bottle .. what ever. it'll work.
  3. they make acetminophen or something pills that say 325mg on it. That might fool her but idk know the brand maybe someone else will know more
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    Just find some acetaminophen pills like above stated or look around for pills.
  5. dude what the hell is she going to do if you put some tylenol in there? not like she'll ever know. not like your grandma will remember either. :lol:
  6. I just don't think it is that easy. Gotta be clever she trusts me alot. But yea tylenol are capsules and these are round yellow pills. If i could just find some general, round, yellow pills, then I would be fine!!!

    But btw SWIM stands for someone who isn't me. You are required to write that so you don't increminate youself at drugs-forums. I posted this there too to get more replies. I guess I missed one when I was editing it.
  7. Im stoned, you're fucked. Have fun.
  8. Lol.

    Vivarin, a caffiene pill, is yellow and round.
  9. Well you're not fucked,

    shit yea you are.

    Did she read the name on the bottle? Didn't it say it wasn't prescribed to your grandmother?
    and if they were prescribed to your grandmother, you're straight thuggin'.
  10. Ya your gramms will probably notice if there are other pills. You're kinda fucked on this one actually. And dude just blaze its so much better for you and the high is superior anyway
  11. I know but, you do not need to use SWIM any more since like 1999. :confused:
  12. Well actually they were prescribed to her, but it is not like it looks. I would never steal her medication that she is using. A few months ago she became addicted to opiates and we had to hide all of them from her. That's why my mom thought they were hidden by my and she wasn't mad. I didn't want them to go to waste so i kept them instead of throwing them away.
  13. Yea two reasons I can't just blaze. I gotta take a drug test to get a job and I have to stay off pot for a while. The other reason is because I cannot function while high on pot, but when I pop a few percocets, I become social and talk alot. I self-medicate with it for social anxiety. I am not even addicted to them I promise. I promise I am not a bad person, I am just really shy and they help ALOT. :*(
  14. Yea I googled them and they look perfect. Can I find these at walmart? Walgreens?
  15. Man percocets make me angry as a mofo, maybe I take them way too often. She probably knows you took them if shes addicted to pills, I think she would know the pills quite well.
  16. Yea, but hopefully she wont see them, only my mom will see them.

  17. So who is this about...

    We're adults here bro..no need for that "someone who isn't me" stuff here..only makes people laugh and get confused.
  18. Yeah they re everywhere :)
  19. Aww they don't have the Vivarin at walmart and walgreens is closed! Does anyone have any other ideas?
  20. WTF, walgreens closes at your area? My area all of them are 24/7.

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