urgent: oder control need help now

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  1. :eek:Running into a problem i do have ona block atm but my little afgan kush ryder is 21 days old. Her oder is turning on, she hasn't began to flower as of today. she is growing in a 7 1/2 ft. x 7 1/2 ft. closet under clfs would this work to clean things up? because i can see this ona is not gonna be enough. and if so what about 2or 3 afgan kush ryders with this. 6" x 18" Carbon Air Filter Pro Combo Six inch Duct Fan Inline Exhaust Hydroponic | eBay listed for $99 asking because i need to order this now, if it will work. At least for the lovely lady i have now. thank you:wave:
  2. The filter is spot on for what you need, I'd be afraid that the fan (which is really only a duct booster I think) is way too weak to create negative pressure in your room. If the money is available I'd suggest stepping up to the same sort if combo but one that includes a genuine inline fan.

    I won't say that the high dollar Cann/Phresh filter is needed because frankly in my experience they aren't for small/mid sized grows.
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    Hey thanks just got off work I ordered it hope it works for me and thanks again.
  4. Yeah, a carbon filter with ONA gel/block, and you can get the ONA in a spray can (for the auto sprayer) for in your room/house... just have to put a small piece of paper/cardboard under the can to get it to work, as it is a little smaller than the other cans that go in the dispenser.. just change the top from the lysol/febreze/ or what ever the brand you buy and put on ONA can.
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    thanks everyone filter and fan came today but i had to work so......yeah i didnt get to put it up will do first thing tomorrow....
  6. Best Luck!!!
  7. Thanks!
  8. If you go with ONA Gel as an addition. Make sure the ONA fragrance fits the theme of the room. There is laundry fresh and no smell. I bought the laundry fresh was works well in the laundry room. Didn't plan that out initially.
  9. I have a filter now the ona was not working anymore for me grant it I only was using I ona block and that thing was strong killed me to be in a closed room with that had mines in the exhaust , duct outtake, duct with a few little holes drilled in the lid worked at first but my little single autos aromas were too strong all you could smell in the room and upstairs was ona and weed lol filter is much better. But I'm going to get that laundry sent for my laundry room in my basement.
  10. You are definitely gonna need a better fan, that one is prob good for cooling your light, but not for scrubbing. Give it a try anyway and let us know. If you find a cheap dust filter to go over your can i would recommend that as well. and Happy new years
  11. fan aint gonna cut it man.. get an 8 inch inline duct fan.. no more worries..
  12. I would get a different fan... the inline fan that you have will not pull the CFM that you need to take advantage of the carbon filter that you have. Either get a 6 or 8 inch can fan, or similar type, and you can get a controller to regulate the speed of the fan if needed
  13. When vegging is it ok to keep lights on 247
  14. mwahhahahahahahahahahahaha :rolleyes:
  15. Think this fan is too big? I had no idea my tent is already consumed by my filter
  16. I have that same filter in 6". It works decent, but don't completely rely on it, especially in the later weeks.

    Im on week 7 right now, 6 plants, and the whole room defintely wreaks, but not the rest of the house.

    I'll be junking this thing after the grow and buying a Phresh 6x16

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