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(URGENT) niacin clearing.... how long? (URGENT)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by esdub, May 16, 2006.

  1. so im following the rules on how to pass the DT in the stickied thread, but i was curious (and couldnt find by searching) how long you need to take 2 niacins a day for?

    if i took at least 2 a day (maybe 3 or 4 on some days) for about a week straight, drinking lots of water a couple of those days... will i be ok?

    i know how it feels to see these posts and get annoyed with people who have their own little questions about how it works, but when your in the situation that you need to pass it and you need to know certain things... you need to ask the questions.

    so yeah...

    2+ niacin a day for 5 days, plus water/cranberry juice/green tea... am i good?

    again this is urgent i have the test on the 17th... its the 16th!!!

    thank you.
  2. if you took the niacin for 5 days before yea your good, just dont take any niacin today or tommorrow cause they will test for it most likely

    keep drinking water tho
  3. yeah you should be good but keep on drinkning water though, and if your really worried bout it toss back a shot or two of some vinegar like right before you go in
  4. warning you shoul never take more than 500 mlg a day or it can be bad for you and it takes about 5 days i am liveing proof of this method it works 100% of the time
  5. Niacin is pretty popular and they say after 5 days you should be clean... but, I've read several articles saying that niacin doesn't work and it's actually another variable that's cleaned you out.

    Sooo... well. I wouldn't rely on it. Anyone who's had success with niacin, if they could post a detailed account of their experience... it would help a lot
  6. I had a test for the military. I had smoked 1 week 3 days before the test. I started taking Niacin Non-time release and I took 5 pills(500mg) in the morning with breakfast and I took another 5 with dinner. I also drank a ton of water and passed my test with no problems. I bought a home test and passed it after 6 days(when i bought it). You will be very hot red and itchy for an hour after though so take a cold shower and keep up the fluids.

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