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*Urgent* Need some info on shake

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pzoxic, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hello Grasscity,

    I'm pretty new to this site, and weed in general. Just have a little question that's been bugging me. Well, yesterday I went with a buddy of mine to get an eighth from his dealer. I gave him the $50 and a few minutes later, he comes back with a bag of shake weed. It weighed about 3.8g so I was pretty happy. I didn't think about it until now, but was just wondering if shake weed and weed in nugget form are both priced the same?
    Thanks in advance, Stewert.
  2. usually a dealer will give you a bit of a discount for shake. ive bought ounces of shake for 130 when the nugs are going for 300 an ounce.
    next time ask him if there's a shake discount.

    And all shake is, is the tiny nugs and knockoff from the buds on the last of the bag. If anything it's more potent because it's been rolling around in kief.
  4. I would never front if it were another person. I would trust this guy with my life. Anyways, what you're saying is an eigth of shake is the same as normal, right?
  5. No they are not priced the same. I can get a half O of shake for about $50. Thats about 15 grams to your 3.8. I've spent as much as $200 on half an O of dank nugs.

  6. Well, sometimes it's rude not to front. I mean if somebody's middlemanning a quarter for me I don't expect them to pay £40 out of their own pocket until they can get the weed to me.

    But in general this person speaks the truth.
  7. yeah shake is usually cheaper, on a bright side makes it easier for joints and blunts though :)

  8. I would much rather go with said middleman and meet the guy myself. Tell the middleman to tell the dealer than they will be bringing a friend, nice to give a heads up so they don't freak out. So then when you want to get a bag you can get it for yourself in the future.
  9. It might not be actual shake, just bottom bags. If it's just bottoms it's really not that big of a deal at all aside from aesthetics. If it's ground up stems/leaves/etc then that's not so good.
  10. Shake is awesome for blunts and joints.
  11. So I didn't get ripped or nothing did I?

  12. You will know after you smoke some.
  13. That guy shouldn't be middlemanning if he can't pay the 40 himself. What is he even gaining out of this deal if he is just taking your money, buying weed, and giving it to you? I've lost 120 bucks fronting a middle man when I was new to smoking so I advice never to front. EVER.

    If your asked to front money to a middleman who will go get the weed to you my advice is to just try and get the real connects number so you can just go directly to him instead of messing around with all that middle man bull crap. I hate the middle men who can't even afford to get you a quarter, especially if they are the ones offering to get it for you. Though sometimes it's unavoidable. If you absolutley have to front just make sure it's one of your good friends who you trust.
  14. hes a friend of this guys who has hookups. the middleman in this case isnt making much, aside from maybe a bowl or two that they're gonna smoke on the way home.
  15. i get younger kids then me bud all the time, but only if they will give me the money up front, cant trust those little fuckers
  16. I get shake for free, and it's not even really shake, more of "scraps" as my dealer calls it, and it usually has a lot of bud in it still.
  17. Well..

    Shake of "regs" (which you wouldn't pay an 50 for an 1/8th of regs anyways) will almost always have a lot more seeds/stems, so it sucks.

    Shake with high quality bud will usually just be the bud, same as if it were grinded. Which is good.

    I still prefer nugs, but if I were to have shake I'd rather it be from dank (well, I guess that's a given)... I wouldn't really mind it is what I mean.
  18. I'd much rather have nugs, a lot of times shake is leafy unless it's shake from nug with an amazing trim job
  19. but with shake most dealer i have seen will just let it build then just sell it off on the low

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