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  1. I got a plant thats about3 months old. im usin 4 crappy 13w cfls, i have no money for better lights, she has calyxs everywhere with pistols poppin out but she's been like that for a couple of weeks, i doubt she'll bud under the poor lighting so what should i do?? chop her down as a failed grow, or just wait and see whats happens, but it seems to me that im losing more money on the electric bill. I just need an answer asap from a more experienced non douchy grower. This is my only second grow. Heres my setup info,

    4 13w Cfls- warm white i believe
    Miracle grow soil,

    for veg nutes, MG ALL purpose plant food 24-8-16 2 tspns per gal

    for flowering nutes i use this stuff called green light bloom booster 12-55-6 2 tspns mixed with 1 table spoon of molasses thats 6% each of calcium, magnesium, and iron- per gallon.

    Ive been feeding her that, and she's been on 12/12 for about 2 months.

    HELP ASAP PLEASE! like i said, im thinkin on cutting her down, but i dont wanna do something that drastic, w/o any information/opinions from other growers.
  2. NO DUDE!!!! Do not cut her down, let her grow until her trichs turn amber and make qwiso hash out of the entire plant. You'll be surprised what you get back, even under shitty lights. Even if you've got no solid buds, if you can see crystals then you're growing THC.

    You might get 6 grams of oil out of it, which would be a nice pull... you never know until you try and I bet you surprise yourself. Even 2 grams would be worth it IMO

    Cheers!! :bongin:
  3. she's been on 12/12 for 2 months and no bud production yet? I don't think you're gettin anything out of that one
  4. +rep for quick reply @NotSure
    I was thinkin the same thing. QWISO! I totally forgot about that!! Guess for my first successful grow, i can say i grew a hash plant. Means i should start focusing on the trichs production. I now i wont get any legit solid buds off her, but on 2 outta 4 of the branches near the top of the cola you dont even need a mag glass to czech em out. So lets say, i upp the molasses to lets say, 1-2 tablespoon per gal and maybe foilar feed maybe once or twice a week with 1 part molasses water 3 parts regular water. Guessin that would do the trick for trichs in a cheaply fashion?
  5. The only benefit from molasses that I'm aware of is for culturing microbes in the soil or a tea. The way I'd use it is 1 tbs in a gallon jug, and 4 tbs of wormcastings, fill the jug 3/4 with distilled water and add an airstone. Let it aerate for 12-24 hrs and give that to your plants. (dilute it if you want)
  6. Go buy a bank of cfl lights from lowes. They are like 10 bucks for the 4ft long one. U need alot more light. 100 watt min for each plants and u are barley pushing half that.
  7. You are not at all getting enough lumens at all. There is no way that you can produce bud with out three esentials. LIGHT, air , and food (nutes). So I suggest this you put your plants on a 24/0 cycle let them keep vegging. Then you find a way to get more watts in your room, and I am not trying to sound douchy, by saving up to buy a light and a reflector. I don't know your area but you can get a used ballast, light, and reflector for a decent price if you look on CL, orcheap online sites with generic lighting reflector and ballast systems. Anything to get a proper light or put all those lights like almost right up against the plants. I am sorry to say the color spertrum of light you are using is not the right spectrum to inniciate flowering. These are really your only options. There are many ways to grow but unfortunately all of them require a constant budget to maintain proper plants and it seems like they exceed what you are able or willing to spend.. no being a dick just hones!
  8. You have NO MONEY??? Can you afford a 4-pack of 23/26 W warm white CFL's at WalMart / Home Depot? Maybe $10 - 12, less on sale? Some old scrounged desk lamps / sockets of any kind?
    Place one on each of four sides, 1/3 of the way down from the top of the plant & 3-4" out, and she will grow & finish.
    If all else fails, tell Granny you need the money for an operation:D

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