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  1. My screen keeps going on power saving mode starting from booting. I tried to take out all cards, disconnect all cables cept for the monitor to graphic card cable. tried taking out the graphic card and connecting the monitor cable to onboard, nothing happens.

    I even changed my motherboard and its working 100%.. even took out the motherboard battery..still same thing..the monitor cable is working cause i tried connecting it to a laptop and it showed the screen..any idea whats wrong?? even bought new power supply..still nothing.. anyone got any other idea?
  2. screen is fucked? or OS?
  3. Can you boot into safe mode or anything or doesn't it even get that far?
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    I'd say try a different screen
    Edit: that is if you have one. I wouldn't buy one just yet because the problem could be malware depending on how far into the boot process you get. Does windows start before the screen goes off or is it immediately after you power on?
  5. It goes power mode on as soon as I press the power button, doesn't even boot/post.

    Fixed: I'm stupid. the signal cable wasn't plugged in correctly -_-". thanks for the help
  6. Heh, well this is a good reminder to all of us that you should check the simpliest solutions first, basic troubleshooting lol.

    Once i was tearing my hair out cuz a wifi router wasnt showing up in my computer, google searching and messing in control panel and nothing was working. It wasnt even plugged in lol
  7. That's up there with "the problem is that your o-n/0-f-f master power supply toggle switch is in the o-f-f postiion preventing the closure of the electical pathway. Which technically categorizes it as a PEBCAK (problem exists between chair and keyboard) error."

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