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    Okay so 2 days ago i finally built my grow box bcuz i found a large dresser. I half assed put my fan in and it knocked over my light and cut my 2 plants in half. They have alredy been in flowering for almost 2 weeks. The part at the top where they broke off is just drying up. And now a few of the leaves look like they have a lil bit of nutrients burn but i dont do nutrients its all natural other than tbe soil i used feeds for 6 months
    And ive never had any discolor leaves b4. Its always been very green.

    Are they gonna die?
    Shuld i put them back in veg?
    Will they keep growing upwards or just the others that grew on the sides?
    Will buds still grow off the 5 finger plants bcuz thats wat all the side parts of the plant have? The tops of the plants had 7 and 9 fingers

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