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Urgent help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GB0327, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Today i accidentally broke my bong diffuser. I have no idea what type to buy to replace it with, let alone the size. Please help.
  2. Well I'm going to take a stab here since there really isn't a whole lot to work with.

    Clean a salvageable part of the diffuser, take it in with you to a head shop and see if they have any replacements that are the same size.
  3. I can show anyone the exact bong i have, i'm not sure about how this forum is with links but i can PM you
  4. If you don't know the size of it the diffuser then get a ruler and measure it. There isn't very many sizes to choose from, at least as far as I'm aware there is only two sizes.

    If you really want to show us what bong you have you can attach a picture to your post *shrug*.

  5. Obviously I don't.

    Anyhow I got a ruler up on line and measured my diffuser and its five inches. my bongs joint size 18mm so do i need to get a diffuser of the same size or smaller?
  6. Well if you get one smaller then it's going to be loose. You need to get one the same size if you want it to fit properly
  7. So i don't need a 18mm reducing to 14.5mm? just a plain old 18mm?

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