Urgent help with my grow setup!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Theprox, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, doing my first grow here.

    I'm looking to buying a 2x2 tent or 3x3 (my decision will be based off your advise). But my goal is to produce at least 2 ounces off each grow. 3-4 ounces would be nice, but at least 2 is my goal.

    Another question would be what light should I use? I'm interested in LED. (cheap on electric, no need to change bulbs or anything). my budget is $100-$350. Unless someone was to give me a reason not to use LED & to go with something else, I will consider. But how much watt should I use? Will one 300 watt LED hydrogalaxy light be enough to produce me 2-3 ounces? and be enough for a 2x2 or 3x3 tent? Or just go with a 450 watt viparspectra?

    Can someone point me out to what setup I should go with? ANY suggestions is welcome!

  2. Give me a good Noobie setup to yield atleast 2 ounces or more. under budget of $500
  3. The more watts the better. 300 watts for 1 plant. But people say led's dont make dense buds. So the yeild is less, people say hps is the way to go but idk anything about them.

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  4. I would do 3 by 3 tent btw. And use foxfarm soil not miracle grow because it uses slow release nutes that plants dont like.

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  5. My buds are rock hard under led then again I have 2 1200 watts but one 300 watt per plant 3×3 = 2 plants so 2 300 watt leds should be good
  6. Don't forget to consider how you will reach the plants to tend to them. I have a 3 x 3, and can barely reach the plants at the back of the tent, because it's packed with foliage and has a scrog. I often wonder whether I would've been better off with a 2 x 4.

    LEDs are more expensive, but eliminate the hassles of too much heat and expense. I would never use anything else.

    Don't forget to factor in the cost of an exhaust fan and filter if you don't want your house to reek.
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  7. so what LED would you suggest me getting? I want up to 2-3 plants at most in the future in the tent. and want to yield around 2 ounces. so in your opinion, what size tent & what light do you recommend?
  8. One per plant should do good
  9. Cobkits.com or horticultural lighting group are good choicer for DIY if you are comfortable plugging in wires. Clu048-1212 cobs or quantum boards are solid choices. Quantum boards are brainless to assemble and the heat distribution is superior. I suggest emailing either of them and sharing your space limits for the most profeasionap answer. 50w of cob lighting is typical per square foot of canopy and one or two quantum boards would be amazing in a 2×2
  10. I'd go with the strongest light that I could afford, that would fit into the tent. The 2 x 2 tent is big enough for 2 plants, and a 3 x 3 will easily fit 4. If you use a Screen of Green (scrog) to create a canopy that fills the tent, or some low stress training, I can't imagine that you'd get less than 1 oz per plant. Several ounces per plant is typical doing this. You should also consider autos.
  11. I have to respectfully disagree. Most beginners have problems when starting out and any problem that slows growth will reduce yield. An auto has a short and uncontrollable life and requires a perfect grow for the most yield. If a problem occurs with photos you have time to fix it without effecting yield.
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  12. None of that has been my experience with autos, but there are some bad ones out there.
    New growers won't know what to do anyway if the grow has trouble.
    I have grown both. Autos are easier, and have great yield. I grow nothing but autos now, but only ones from good breeders.
  13. I guess you're just one of those lucky beginners that never had a problem. Congratulations. I read many threads started by beginners who are having problems and wondering why their highly recommended auto is only 3" tall at 4 weeks old.
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  14. The real issue is not "many threads started by beginners who are having problems," but the relative numbers of people having trouble with autos, compared to those having trouble with photos.
    I believe that more people are having trouble with photos than with autos.
    Almost all breeder descriptions of autos claim that they are easier than photos, and all the major breeders are offering large selections of autos, so the marketplace seems to like them too.
  15. Or why it's flowering one single bud the size of my fingernail lol for a total yield of like .4
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  16. You mean the person selling me the beans for a premium are trying to tell me they grow better and easier? Lol ya don't say... when it comes down to it having all the veg time you want on a photo period is a great advantage for a noob in case they mess up and stress the plant or just use poor equipment overall there is no recovering from that like you can a photo.. you can veg a photo with the shittiest lights in the shittiest conditions and still turn it around into good bud with proper equipment down the road... can't do that with autos imo
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  17. Last grow, I ran 2 cheapo 450 Burples (Maybe 400 watts actual) + some DIY side lighting..buds were rock hard (Indicas)
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  18. Ive a 1500 watt blurple unbranded. And a 650 Works great, all the fans died in short order. I just hang my tent fan above. I've seen autos that did great. Fastbuds. But mine did best when I switched my light 12/12 when the plants started flower. I know they say run them 20/4 I did, they always looked stressed. But they do that towards the end. I now love my photo feminized seeds. Seed supreme and herbies with no problems Anyway. Best of luck.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  19. Any other advice?? Looking to buy a light & tent asap

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