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  1. OK so my youngest sprout, has been up for about 3 days, give or take, and looked very healthy until 2day, when i saw that the tips of its 2 (w/e they are called i forget the term) but leaf looking things were yellow but it wasn't wilted at all, is this from nute burn possibly? 2 much watering?!?!?!:cry: ill post pics when i wake tmrw and i hope my plant is still alive but i need help quick!!!, here are a few pics: First Grow Journal, its the youngest 1.

  2. What type of soil are you using? Don't feed them yet they are too young. I see you have two seedlings in one pot. Get them separated ASAP. Did you ever get that hps? That would be the best thing for the plants. Only water when the weight of the pot feels light and/or you stick a finger about an inch deep and it is dry.
  3. sry about that picuture, there is actually only 1 sprout in that pot, i copied and pasted another picture from a different angle and didn't realize how it looked until now sry bout that. Im using miracle grow potting soil and i haven't given them any nutes yet just water, but i really want this 1 2 survive because it is different from the others i have planted, the stem is already very strong and different form the others. I checked out the plant 2day and it still looks healthy, but the tips are still yellowin, all the others are fine, what should i do?
  4. Be more specific on your MG soil. Is it their organic line or does it have added nutrients and or time release fertilizer?
  5. got me, don't have the bag anymore
  6. Well then my guess is that you have time release fertilizer and you should get it out of there quick. Miricle grow is not great so pick yourself up some organic potting soil (not MG) at your local nursery and transplant ASAP.
  7. Plants shouldn't have furt until they are a few weeks old. You fert burn. With such a young plant I don't think there is much you can do. Nect time use soild that has no ferts in it and don't give your plants any until the bottom leaves start turning yellow.
  8. :wave: The dreaded MG ! your babies are to young for fert. the best thing I could suggest is the flush,flush,flush,flush....then set by a sunny window cracked open,allowing the dirt to dryout fast as not to worry about dampening off...if you have a wood stove you will find your plants tend to dry out fast anyways...fuel oil heaters also work well...if you do find you get dampening off the best fix is chamomile tea cooled it is actually an amazing flower to prevent and cure dampening off.

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