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Discussion in 'General' started by Guch, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Unfortunately you can all consider this my last post. I may not have been posting for very long but i've lurked at this message board for what seems an eternity. Unfortunately i recently had a run-in with the law. Someone narked my name out to lessen their sentence

    as a result the cops raided my dorm room with a search warrant find on my side 32g, 10 pieces, a grinder, a scale, and baggies.

    College issues aside I am desperately seeking help on the legal issues. According to NORML.org anything between 25g-2oz can land you in jail for up to 3 months. Throw in the fact that a scale was there too and it seems i'm mighty fucked.

    However, the official charge i'm being hit with is "criminal possession in the fifth degree" . now what i'm looking for is anyone with any experience or knows someone with prior experience with marijuana legal situations in New York State.

    According to several friends of mind that went through similar ordeals most of what they tell you is to scare you. Seeing as how this is my first criminal offense, any idea what punishment i can look forward to?

    Oh yeah, it was labeled as a Misdemeanor Class B if that means anything.

    I will miss you all...

    Peace and love,
  2. If this is your first offense you will probably pay lots of cash in court fines and get some probation, where you pay more cash. Welcome to the US Legal System.
  3. no jail time for you man...just get a good lawyer.
  4. Lawyer my man, don't cheap out now.. you'll pay loads later.
  5. i'm in the process of trying to find a lawyer to help but was wondering, you say i'll avoid jail time, even with having over 25g and having a scale?
  6. first offense...yes...as long as you have a good lawyer.
  7. If it's your first offense, no jail time. NYS has some pretty good MJ laws. :smoke:
  8. Just thought i'd let you all know that after a long grueling month my legal battles are over. I no longer attend the college i did before but i managed to get the misdemeanor charge dropped to two violations. One for unlawful possession and one for disorderly conduct so all-in-all 480 in fines which is absolutely fine by me considering the circumstances.

    And boy howdy did i celebrate after i got out of court, haven't that high for a long time.:bongin:
  9. Congrats man. That is sweet you got your shit dropped.

    FUCK the US Drug Laws
  10. Finally one of these threads with a happy ending, congrats 2 u! :smoke:
  11. congrats man I'm happy for you :)

    Blaze on :smoking:
  12. thats cool....so are you still gonna stay away from the city?
  13. congrats man. that is awesome.

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