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  1. i planted my germinated seeds tht had a root about 1 inch long and i planted it all under the dirt and 3 days later i moved some soil from top and it had 2 tiny leafs so i pulled them up a little bit and put soil around it so now they r outside but im worried it was rong to do tht so will they be ok or did i ruined them??????:confused:
  2. they might be ok , just wait one day or 2 days and it should grow about an inch .try not to touch it
  3. leave it alone, it'll grow on it's own! resist the temptation to "help" your plant sprout, just let mother nature do her thang. you have other ways to speed up the process that work better than pulling your baby out of the soil. I am not trying to be mean, just want to let you know that those roots are precious especially in the beginning. you don't want to disturb them. I hope they make it, and I hope they grow some great buds. keep us posted on what happens. We would be happy to assist
  4. bad news, 1 of them died already the root dried out and broke off and the other ones arent looking so good but theres like 2-3 tht have a chance and r lookin ok and ina couple days ima start fresh with some more seeds and ima just be patient and let mother nature take its course
  5. the best thing i have ever done to these plants is just let them grow... respond accordingly
  6. ima be getting a hydroponic system by the week so maybe tht will make it work better? Idk im lost
  7. Don't do hydro! IMHO u should get 2 soil grows before going to hydro. U will learn the basics before going advanced
  8. ok but what soil would work the best tht i can get in stores
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    Fox farms happy frog, ocean forest or any of their soil. Light warrior maybe
  10. The other thing i need help with is watering bcus here in nor cal im getting about 8+ hours of sun easly and it seems like it drys out the dirt pretty soon but i dnt wanna overwater them again
  11. what size pots are you using?
  12. Dude relax, just give it a little mist, cover it and leave it for 24 hours under mild lighting.

  13. Im using 1 inch pots at first until it gows then ill change them
  14. After it's sprouted, it will be able to survive for 5-7 days max, you need to transplant it once it's shown it's second set of true leaves.
  15. transplant them, you need to get them into a better home
  16. This morning wen i checked them 1 of them started to get there set of true leaves so im guessing its doing good
  17. This morning wen i checked them one of the plant started getting its true leaves

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