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Urgent help, cleaning out my pipe.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Liqweed, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. ok, long story short I need to get my pipe clean. I have some water boiling on the stove as I type this. If I place my pipe in there will it break? I dont think it would.....but it might. I will try to warm up my pipe as much as possible beforehand as to reduce the shock temperature change.
  2. What's it made out of?
  3. dude why not put the pipe in now while its heating up....That way there is no sudden temperature change... Same with letting it cool.
  4. If it's glass man, don't do it. There's too big of a risk it will break. When glass gets heated it will break extremely easy. Just get some isopropyl alcohol and some salt and pour the mixture into the pipe and shake it.
  5. put the ipe in the water before you start heating it up that way the pipe will heat the same as the water and wont break if it is glass
  6. What are you doing?

    Don't put it in boiling water at all. Not only is this not an effective cleaning method, you risk damage. Go to the store and get some rubbing alc and salt.
  7. Okay, well I didnt heat it up in the pan because I have a roommate. Boiling the water first then putting it in my pyrex measuring glass worked well because the smell was isolated in my room, and it barely stunk at all.

    Anyways, I took the boiling water, put it in a measuring cup
    put my pipe in and resin started pouring out
    Then I stirred it with a knife until my pipe was 100% clean

    Then I took a tea bag, empties it out, and then poured the nasty resin water through it and I have a few bowls of resin now:D:D:D

    And I havent smoked in that long v v v see sig.

    btw, I got a chipotle burrito and some dank ass juice waiting for me, brb im gonna get fucking stoned.:smoke:
  8. i fail to see the point of this thread if you choose to disregard the advice given.
    Use the iso mix or luke warm water. unless you value a cracked/ broken pipe.
  9. Why not clean it out with a toothpick?

  10. posting in a thread without a point has no point:smoke:
  11. iso alcohol and salt...
  12. You think you are very clever for boiling water and using it to clean your pipe while they all told you not to thinking it worked.

    Your probably just ruined a nice piece of glass, heating up and cooling down glass at rapid speeds can cause the glass to become brittle. Like people above said, the best way (if your going to do it the stupid way) is to heat the pipe with the water starting both at room temp.

    Here is a chemistry forum discussion on this: changes in glass after heating

  13. bro, its a 8 dollar pipe. :smoke:
  14. Everybody listen up don't boil it and drop it it, and don't put it in water and then boil it. either was is very shitty for your pipe. Put it in a ziplock back with isopropyl alcohol as high a number of percentage they have at your drugstore and salt and shake vigorously. if you need to, let it sit. it will not harm your pipe. Rinse all of that off and wash with soap.
  15. Is there not products available specifically for this kind of thing anymore?
    I distinctly remember one called "bong bath"...

    Though, for cleaning I'd recommend cotton tips and tea-tree oil, and warm water.
  16. I know about four different people that have broken pipes/pieces boiling them, I'm not saying is doesn't work though, because I've seen plenty of people do it without any-kind of breakage, but they also knew what they were doing and had no other means of cleaning their pipes other than boiling. In my opinion, boiling should usually be a last resort, although it does work, it's pretty risky and ultimately iso and salt is faster and more effective.

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