Urgent, experiensed growers! Plants showing strange signs

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  1. I am in kind of a panic, have been for a couple of weeks really upset because my friends trusted all this equip in my hands, and I dont know what to do now...

    I posted a thread at rollitup but nobody except a couple people seems to care, but they are online once a week, so the only option that I see is praying for help here...

    So I started them in DIY top fed DWC setup and ended up with root rot. I transplanted them (with a 16cm plastic netpot) as soon as I was sure that it is root rot (4 week of veg), firstly soaking the rootball in strong h2o2 solution and washing it with shower afterwards

    I transplanted them into coco/perlite (75/25)
    Everything seemed to be ok firstly but after couple days there started to appear some strange signs on leaves, I flush all of the plants with 200 ml per gallon of 3% H2O2 at first day, 150 ml (H2O2 3%) per gallon second day, 100 ml per gallon the third day. Because I thought it could be still root rot... Then I figured out that my PH pen was broken, but it was broken for a day or so because I forgot it in nutrient solution over night...

    I was feeding with full series CYCO nuts but they run out so I have been feeding with GHE coco nutrients for the past week full strange + B vitamins from AN + Dr.repair by CYCO.

    I dont know how to copy the images from the other board so I put a link to the thread on rollitup, hoping I am not violating any networks rules, there is A LOT of pictures with almost daily updates.

    Trasplanted DWC to Coco/Perlite on week 4 (Help needed) *Daily update

    I will be thankful with all my heart if you can point on something...
  2. I see a lot of potassium deficiency. Make sure you have plenty of air even if it takes adding a second airstone. Massive amounts of air will also cure root rot. You should get a beneficial root zone bacteria like botanicare hydroguard. That will help keep the roots clean. An enzyme like barely based pond clarifier will bust up dead organic material and the bacteria will consume it.

    Increase your p&k amounts 2ml/gallon or more in your feed and make sure your ph is in the 6.0 range.
    Potassium Deficiency | Grow Weed Easy
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    First of all thanks a lot for reply, I thought of that so I fed with extra potassium for 3 days and it did not help, I also read that there is plenty of potassium in coco coir, so I quit adding it...

    I water with tap water (60 ppm), I keep it for 24 h in 1 gallon open bottles before adding nutrients
  4. If the coco coir is rinsed and nutrient buffered to help calcium absorption then the excess potassium is washed out mostly.

    If the coco coir cation exchange complex is not buffered, the positively charged cations applied to the plants, such as calcium and magnesium, will have a stronger attraction to the coco complex and become unavailable to plants (nutrient lockup), while potassium and sodium, less attached to the complex, will be displaced, come into solution and be taken up by the plant instead of calcium. This leads to all sorts of crop problems - from excessive salt uptake by roots to calcium deficiencies, which is something growers wish to avoid at all cost.
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    I forgot to mention I also add Zyme by Hesi into solution after H2O2 flush
    Could it be calcium problem that gone wild?
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    I did not buffer coco coir before transplanting... And the coir was pretty cheap one... How I could correct the situation?
  7. Could I just pull my pots to shower and shower the hell out of it =D (tap water is soft) and then water with cal mag solution?
  8. Mix water with 150 ppm and ph it to the range u like 5.8-6.0 run a gallon through it and check ppm run off.

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