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Discussion in 'General' started by DeUs311, May 26, 2003.

  1. So yesterday I was caught and my parents don't believe I didnt smoking, so I have to take a drug test! :( I know drinking alot of water helps, but will it be enough? I smoked about half a bowl on wednesday thursday and saturday. The bowl is pretty large, 1x1x4 inches, that is. :) I'm 6'3'' 230lbs. Are their kits I can buy other than online? And when I go to a drug test center do I sit their till I have to pee or do you have to shedule an appointment for another day? HELP!
  2. Well sorry to tell you, you probably won't be clean. Weight is a major factor because THC clings to your fat cells. But hell i'd still try my best to be clean. Drink a lot of water, cranberry juce, eat salads, vegtables, fruits, and things with lots of nutrition. Might wanna take a Vitimin B complex on the day of the test to make your piss yellow and not clear from all the fluids.
  3. well...... u probley wont come out clean, but I would still try.... drink some bleache, crannberry juice, lots of water.... and piss like 500 times a day until your drug test! good luck!
  4. i dont know about drinking bleach but,,,,,,,,,, i do know if you dip your pinky finger in it, and avoid washing it when they make you wash before you piss. you can dip it into your test cup and get a negative test result. dont do so much that it will leave a residue. good luck
  5. How long til the drug test anyways? If its anytime soon, the chances of you coming out clean are very small.
  6. check the drug testing section of erowid. Chances are you won't come out clean but it can show you how to do your best to avoid a positive.

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