urgent do u think i messed up w/plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 360wayvin, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. hey whats up people, my problem is that i took my plant out of one type of soil and transplant it into a better soil now it looks like its going to die . do you think i messed up the roots in the process and now its a rap for my lil plant. lol help me out
  2. ummm cannabis plants are usually pretty resilient, give it some time to recover. some more details would be helpful. how healthy were they before you transplanted? what do they look like now? how did you do the transplant? what soil are/were you using?
  3. ok i dont kno the soil i was using, and i was told to go get a better kind and i was gave sum brand names i choice the brang sta-green soil, and from what i was told up here my plant had nute burn so it was doing ok but it was burned and crispy at the tips. and i did the transplant with a large spoon like i was told also scooped it out and put it in the new soil i just got. and watered it. and i also watered it just a lil b4 i transplanted it to help it come out easier. but i had pics of b4 i did the transplant and it just had nute burn here they go.

  4. It's probably alright. I thought I fucked my plant up for good when the root ball collapsed when I was transplanting it once..... It was fine :) Just give it time, might be stunted for a few days to a week.
  5. oo ok cool cool ima give it a lil time. and see what it do and the same thing happen to me all of it collapse rite in my hand. but thanks tho man . where u from ?

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