URGENT, clone people help.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Today I go to check on my beutiful monster white widow lady I have growing outside. She stands an easy 6 feet tall and is very VERY this and bush. Two weeks ago she was full of little starter buds....massive plant.

    I go to miricle grow her for the last time....someone found her and cut her down only leaving about the bottom 8" of the plant and a few large branches.

    Her is my question. This plant has awesome genetic grow characteristics for my area. I want to preserve her beuty.

    I took the lower branches all home. When I got home they began to wilt some but not turn dry. I cut them down to about 12" lengths and put them in a bucket of water.

    Am I doing this right? Is there anything else I should do before I try to clone as usual? Anything to help "perk" the branches and leaves up? I have them in the shade in water.

    Some of the branches are thin, like a candy sucker, others as large as a pencil. What ones will be my best bet to clone?

    help help help, thanks
  2. Whatever you do, do it asap!
    Time is of the essance.
    Use the ones that look strongest..hell, if you have enough room and time and rooting solution, use them all! Better to expect not all to get through their experiance, and have a few extra just in case.

    You know how to go about the cloning process? if not i'll explain
  3. yea, i do know the cloning process. Only thing is this is my first real attempt at it. One thing im not sure, even if it matters is the size of the cut that I take for the clone. As I said some are the size of a pencil around, others a bit smaller.

    So far I ended up with 8 that im trying. Im tight on space so my only draw back is i don't really have the ability to put them in a humidity chamber.

    So here is what ive done.

    Took each cutting and removed all the leaves and other little branches up to the top, and just left a few. About 4-6" down the branch i made a angled cut on the stem(under water), then put a little one inch cut up the stem, rolled the tip in rooting powder and then put the stem in a small cup with moist soil (already had a hole poked in the soil). I then proceed to puch the soil snug around the stem, and mist it with water. The plants are under two plant grow floro's in my closet, all within 2" of the light.

    I have a closet with two 22" floro tubes mouned on a shelf, with the plants on the shelf just below it (2" from the light). There is also a 70w hps light in the room but it is a good 2" from the plants growing a different plant, light is on 25 hours.

    I hope to get more light eventually but this is all for now.
    All I need is at least one to take and make it (two would be nice) but just one.

    Seems moisture is the key, i plant to try and just keep them super moist.

    How long until i will know they have rooted? Two weeks? Will they die if they don't root? or just sit there like a rose cut in a flower vase.
  4. All seems good...would be better if you could use a humidity chamber..but since ya cant just try to keep it as humid as ya can in there...80% is best..

    and yep, roughly 2 weeks is good. and if they dont root, yep they'll die
  5. shit thanks man. if anyone was near me i would hook ya up with some sweet cuttings for clones from her. Man she was a great pant! I want to keep her genes around for a LONG time. Hell grasshoppers didn't even like to eat her for some reason.
  6. np m8 ;)
    She sounds very nice, keep me updated on how the clones go
  7. Will do

    I was told by the guy I got the seeds from that they are a direct outcropp from the WW plant that won one of the contest awhile back. Normally i would think thats bullshit, but the guy is a pretty trustworthing and very avid smoker

    All i want is one to grow, come on clone do your job.

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