URGENT!!! Can't decide which???

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  1. I am brand spanking new here.:wave:
    Sorry for the scary title lol, but its important (to me)

    I have a party on saturday with 3 smoker friends who are very new to smoking weed!
    And I can't decide whether I should bring a corn cob pipe, or an apple pipe!
    Which would you choose? Which one is easier to use in a group of people?
    I need some advice relatively quickly.

    Ps: The reason i am bongless:
    While high, never EVER try to sit your bong on a table while sneezing! They break :(
    Thanks dudes!
  2. Corn Cob hands down.

    You'll look like a total bad ass. If you're toking an apple you might look like a bit of a goof.

  3. The idea of trying to pass around an apple with people who aren't used to smoking kinda scares me.

    Corn cob.
  4. Alright dudes! Thanks, and its gonna be some mids probably... :mad: So i'll just pack it in the huge corn cob bowl and pass:smoke:
  5. the only corncob i tried to toke out of was disgusting.. it was way too tall for me to want to waste that much bud in it, and it tasted like burnt nasty. im not knocking it, im actually curious, did you alter it and does smokin outta it more make it not taste bad?
  6. Oh dude, the only problem with glass.. man, when I'm high, I'm high.. I've already broke two pipes within two months... small ones thank god.. but yea..

    As soon as I break the rest of my glass collection, I'll be switching to a metal pipe haha.

    And I've always wondered how those corn pipes worked... my dumb ass would probably accidentally catch it on fire..:smoking:

  7. I have actually had this pipe laying around, it was my dads and he smoked from it and the inside is black from tobacco... And it hits like a charm,:D even though i only toked it once. Maybe you should give it another try?

  8. I know the feeling... I've broken countless bongs. Thats why i've never invested in high quality such as Roor or something, i KNOW i'll break it. So i buy little bongs and pipes.
    And though i've never caught one on fire i've heard stories of people burning them and not noticing it lol. They do just fine, give it a try!
  9. make sure u show them how to corner it =)
    happy toking!

  10. I won't dude! Always gotta corner in a group lol, don't wanna piss anyone off! :smoke:
  11. hope you got many advice
    so,enjoy your party dude


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