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  1. whats up im posting some pics of my plant its a female and its is going on its 5th week of flowering today give or take a day or 2 but my question is does anybody know by the pics how much longer i have to go just a guesstamite nothign accurate. and secondly how does my plant look/ good, healthy, poor weak? and does anyone have a clue as to what kind of MJ im growing got it from a bag seed not sure if it was kindbud or just mids . hope the pics help thanks GC.

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  2. dude, what is so urgent? you let it grow for a month, chop it down, let it sit for a month and smoke it. situation is everything but urgent.
  3. Hehe learn to use the macro setting on your camera. Its focusing on the window in the back. You cant even see the plant except for blurs.

    Macro = Button with Flower on it.


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