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Urgent : 3Weeks Old - Yellow Leaves Problem

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by highlad26, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,
    I got a couple of 3 week old plants, since 8 days yellow tip started to appear on the tip and eventually it's the whole leaf that has gone completely yellow and dry, leaf curls upwards and dead out. 1st week it was watered daily but now it's on a 2-3 day regime. find below the detail of the indoor growth :
    light - 1000watt High pressure sodium -- 18/6 
    room - 8*5 ft 
    temp - 25celsius / 77fahrenheit
    Just been repotted into new bigger pots (soil,sand & compost)
    humidity - unknown ( live in 3rd tier world with basic material,can't find a humidity meter) i do have a humidifier but not sure if i can use it ??
    for all my expenses in getting the best,it's been a very slow growth and add to it the yellow leaf problem, am kind of lost on what to do.. please help out fellas..i live on a small island with very few or no weed at all for months.. :(


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  2. Are you feeding any Nutes.
    Check ph of soil.
    Could be nitrogen deficiency. That what it looks like
  3. check your ph. sounds high. could be locking out nutes
  4. hey guys..i can't check the ph unfortunately since the ph meter does not exist in my country (small island :/ ) in regards to nitrogen deficiency..what would u advise me? am not sure what to get?? thxs again mate..
  5. definitely nitrogen deficiency... I recommend fox farm grow big plant food
  6. The new growth looks good. if you used beach sand I hope you rinsed all the salt out of it.
    Just pinch the crummy leaves off. :)

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