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    Hey guys :metal:
    My plants were perfect fine yesterday.
    Today i look at them, and they were pointing up, 5 in 7 plants.
    I Think it's not enough water, i have been giving them water through a spray because im afraid to overwater them.
    They are outdorrs
    Soil: Light Mix by Biobizz
    No nutes
    1 week and 2/3 days old.
    More description:
    The lower leaves ( the first ones) were curling around the stem and the rest of the plants were directly point upwards.
    This is low water? Too Much direct sun light? low wind?
    Picture of how they usually are:
    http://cdn.grscty.com/uploads/gallery/album_4514/gallery_531984_4514_1395113.jpg ( the bottle is openned)
    Today Plants:
    Help me guys Im super worried  :cry:
    I will go again to the spot today, hopefully with a solution!

  2. They are very very happy. The leaves are reaching to the skies....enjoy them. They're fine
    If they droop than be worried. 
    Underwatering and overwatering look very similar.
     Keep a journal so when you post questions you have back up information.
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    I read that they can be very happy or it can be a humidity issue...
    Should I give just more water to prevent something Or if it's water issue the next time i see them, they will be droopy?
    Last grow i did, too much water -> Fungus -> dead grow. So this time im super caution with the watering...
    Yeah man i will open a journal, but not for nowww, laziness , maybe tomorrow!
    Thank you!
  4. Harley is correct, though you are better to water them with air temperature water( leave a water can aside) 1x time per day 1/4 - 1/2 coffee cup per day depending on how hot the day is.
    Forget the water spray, better to put 1/4 teaspoon of nutes in the hand spray bottle, and foilar feed ya plants 2-3 times per week, foilar feeding this way is, you don't get to nute burn ya plants
    Transplant when roots protrude below
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    Actually the foilar feeding seems good. But the plant is only 1 week and a few days old. The soil yet has some nutes to be used (I think, supossely the plant takes many time to consume the initial soil nutes) , combined with the foilar feeding won't it be bad?
    For watering; I usually have a big bottle of water resting everyday on a tree, no sunlight in it...
    "Transplant when roots protrude below" Didn't understand man, sorry , im not native english...  :smoke: 
  6. You are correct ...no nutes till the plant is older, transplant is remove the plant to the next big pot, when the roots are visible through the bottom holes below
    Você está correto ... não nutos até a planta é mais velho, o transplante é remover a planta para a próxima grande pote, quando as raízes são visíveis através dos orifícios inferiores abaixo
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    Yeah man, i understanded now XD
    So, I think i should continue what i've been doing. I think i will wait till the 3 or 4th week to start feed.
    She is currently on Light mix by biobizz, but when it's time for transplant , will transplant them to All Mix by biobizz -> More nutes -> risk of overferting.
    Anyway, For now i won't do anything, i was just too worried. Thank you!
  8. great thread people. 
  9. Another trick for watering is feel how heavy the pot is after watering. Let that be your gauge, lift the pot as the plant drinks the pot gets lighter. 
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    I'm sure i wont remember how heavy it was  :smoke:
    Nice trick! ahah
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    Maaan  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:
    It can't be nuteburn because i didnt gave any nutes
    The steem has super tick and bended over...
    Too much sunlight?
    I'm left with 3 plants... or they may recover?
     ( brown marks = burned? )
    I put them all on a tree without sunlight...    :cry:  :cry:  :cry:
  12. Please send better corrected  photos, and yes it can be nuteburn as many soil mixes have nutes added, without consumers being aware of this, trust me you have to try very very hard to give cannabis to much light, heat will affect the plant before light hurts the plant, until I see better pics all I can say is to transplant them now to 3 gallon pots, allow to recover in dim light for 1 day, and yes that brown is nuteburn, for what I can see of it
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    What exactly is your watering schedule?  I understand this topic has been covered, but from what I can understand your watering daily?  Are you waiting till the soil is nearly dry and then generously watering, or just adding a bit everyday?   Adding a small amount every day is not good, unless they really need it. 
    I am not familiar with the soil you are using, it seems strange to me that they would look alright a few days ago to fried so quickly.  I just think there is more to it than nute burn.
    What is that you have over them in the first pic you posted?  Your not keeping that on top all the time are you?  That would fry a plant in hot sunshine.  Even with the top open.
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    Usually I only water when I see the soil dry, and when i put my finger to confirm it. So my watering schedule dependes on that... it's about 2 to 2 days depending...
    The soil is Light Mix -> on biobizz website it says this soil should be only used for seedlings because no or just a bit of nutes are added to the soil, for a proper grow plant it should be All Mix...
    I have half a bottle with the bottom cut and with the tap openned to let the airflow and protect the little seedlings outdoor.
    Taking decent pictures today, I hope they're not dead...
    Yesterday I transplant all the bad ones, 4, to a 4gal Pot just to keep them together, and I also let them under a tree with just few sun reaching them.
    Man, it can only be sunlight , i asked a few of my friends and they said basically this:
    The leafs were pointing up because the plant is self-protecting from too much sunlight, so it closes to prevent more sun to get in.  She needs water to make "respiration", so , if there is no water she can't do respiration so she closes...
    It seems plausible but I dont know because I gave water so they should get better instead of getting worse ( that's what happened)
    Yes and this process from healthy to fried seedlings happen during these last 3 days.
    It seems like Im gonna fail for the second time this year and I don't know why.
    EDIT: And my girlfriend have like 3 plants on the same soil at the balcony, with 3 hours a day of sun and they look almost like these when they were healthy...
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    Man I was thinking, the heat is the same as a greenhouse, the sunlight is good.
    Maybe the plastic of the bottle made them burned like this picture:
    I can only see this idea man...
    I went today and they were looking fried but a little bit good but I think they will not recover..
    Oh almost forgeting, the others plant that survived today had brown marks, still little but they had ( took the bottle imediately)
    I made a little shelter with rocks, without plastic bottles, and let the nature handle them...  :cry:
    Pictures of today ( Sorry took the bad camera again ):
    http://cdn.grscty.com/uploads/gallery/album_4514/gallery_531984_4514_17003.jpg ( the tips were burned like hell on this one)
    http://cdn.grscty.com/uploads/gallery/album_4514/gallery_531984_4514_149796.jpg ( tips burned, half leaf gone...)
    http://cdn.grscty.com/uploads/gallery/album_4514/gallery_531984_4514_186696.jpg ( look like a Macdonald nugget, so fried  :cry:  :cry: )
    I left them like this
    http://cdn.grscty.com/uploads/gallery/album_4514/gallery_531984_4514_32372.jpg (The plant on the right upper corner, have some brown marks, take a look..)
  16. Not so bad, I don't recommend that you put more than 1 plant per pot, keep a temperature gauge with your babies, and bring them in at night, continue watering every 2-3 days, allow the plants to recover from this ordeal, and post pics in 3-4 weeks  
  17. How I can keep a constant temperature outdoor? they are literally in the woods, i don't know if i should keep them in open field -> Many hours of direct sun light, or bring them into a tree -> less sun but colder temperature...
  18. It is not the light that harms them ...it is the heat, keep a temperature gauge with the plants will give you an idea of too hot or too cold, if above 25c/75f then move to shade, or try to make it..... that the plants are shaded during the hottest part of the day, say 10am - 2.00 pm?
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    Here the temps hit hard aprox. 12 AM - 4 PM.
    I think I will check the forecast now, tomorrow is expected some 30 º C  :eek:  :eek:
    The strange fact is that my friend as a greenhouse on the roof, as soon as i get in i feel how hot is it, and the plants are super healthy, but yes man that's the only possible cause
  20. If I let them at the bottle openned with some cups with hater around, will the temps decrease a bit?

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